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As expected, Starfinder has failed once again to provide my mate and I with updates of a 'new' replacement commission (much less the commission itself). This piece was to replace a 'lost' art commission that 'disappeared' in the mail. This commission is a year in waiting and fully paid for... She openly stated to me in an AIM conversation that she would provide a new piece of art in a set period of time (mentioned in the log).

We have waited and waited, poked and prodded. I've asked for updates and been given the run around... I'm just tired of it... Art was promised to us. Yet we only get excuses and rough sketches.

This log is NOT edited in any form.

Session Start (midnightfoxxxx:StarFinderwolf33): Mon May 09 22:48:15 2005
[22:48] MidnightFoxxxx: woof
[22:48] StarFinderwolf33: howdy
[22:48] MidnightFoxxxx: My parents are reporting a package hasn't arrived yet
[22:49] StarFinderwolf33: god fucking damnit. -_-
[22:49] MidnightFoxxxx: I'm not happy, KC is not happy... When she's
not happy, I'm very not happy
[22:49] StarFinderwolf33: if the post office lost it, I'm going to be pissed
[22:49] StarFinderwolf33: in the event that they DID loose it though,
I can and will re-draw it, no problem
[22:49] MidnightFoxxxx: it's a large package....
[22:50] StarFinderwolf33: you'd be surprised what kind of stuff they loose/ruin
[22:50] MidnightFoxxxx: ruin yes... lose, never happened to me
[22:50] StarFinderwolf33: large package or no, if that is the case I
will replace it, no worries.
[22:51] StarFinderwolf33: Well I've recieved other folk's packages
before, so mis-delivery and shit like that happens quite often, more
so than folks think, apparently.
[22:51] MidnightFoxxxx: by the way.... this log file will saved and
nailed to the wall of my new room... just so you know
[22:51] StarFinderwolf33: err...and the reason for that is?
[22:51] MidnightFoxxxx: I've got a trust issue at this point...
[22:51] MidnightFoxxxx: I'm sure you can see why
[22:51] MidnightFoxxxx: *taps his finger*
[22:52] StarFinderwolf33: well you know, from the moment that thing
got dropped of, it left my control. So if anything happened, there is
nothing I can do except re do the piece and ship that out again,
insured this time.
[22:52] MidnightFoxxxx: When exactly was it shipped
[22:53] StarFinderwolf33: I don't know, since my mom took care of the
shipping, and I haven't asked her
[22:53] MidnightFoxxxx: "you said you'd ask her" (KC)
[22:54] StarFinderwolf33: well I forgot to. That's not the only thing
on my mind.
[22:54] MidnightFoxxxx: ummmm.... it should be at the top... and do
you wanna know why?
[22:54] StarFinderwolf33: As I said, I have no problem replacing it if
it's lost, and if it doesn't show up by the end of the week, I will
declare it lost and re-do the image and ship it with UPS this time,
insured for around $150
[22:55] MidnightFoxxxx: *sighs* track it down
[22:55] MidnightFoxxxx: you should have tracking info
[22:56] StarFinderwolf33: look, at this point there is nothing I can
do except replace it if it doesn't turn up in the end. I can't go
track it down, I can't find where the hell it is. If it's stranded
I'll replace it, and that is that. You'll get a newer one, drawn with
my more recent skills and such.
[22:56] MidnightFoxxxx: *sighs*
[22:57] StarFinderwolf33: I'm not psychic, I can't predict where it
went, but as long as it gets replaced, don't complain. You'll get it
one way or another. Either this one will surface, or I will replace it
with a new, possibly larger one
[22:57] StarFinderwolf33: Either way you will get it, new or old.
[22:57] StarFinderwolf33: that is the best I can do at this point in time.
[22:58] StarFinderwolf33: the prints + sketch that were bundled are
also replacable
[22:58] MidnightFoxxxx: well, you WILL provide a date if the
replacement is needed. KC doesn't need to wait a fucking year for it
[22:58] MidnightFoxxxx: or... you just refund the money now, and I'll stop this
[22:59] StarFinderwolf33: Alright then, no problem. If it doesn't show
up by the end of this week, I'll have a replacement for you.
[22:59] StarFinderwolf33: Refund what fucking money, at this point I;m
ready to sell my ass on the corner for $15, that's how bad my
situation is. So as I said, you'll get your replacement if it does not
[23:00] StarFinderwolf33: A replacement should take me no longer than
1 week to paint, at 14x17 size (larger than the original 11x14)
[23:00] StarFinderwolf33: so if that is the case, I can and will
replace it, I already said this like what, 20+ times?
[23:02] MidnightFoxxxx: If that pic doesn't arrive this week, a
replacement will be done by the end of the following week.
[23:02] StarFinderwolf33: uhhmm..that's what I said, isn't it?
[23:02] StarFinderwolf33: you're just re-stating what I already said
[23:02] MidnightFoxxxx: I wanna be doubly sure...
[23:02] MidnightFoxxxx: I'm not a game player...
[23:02] StarFinderwolf33: well fine, whatever floats your boat.
[23:03] MidnightFoxxxx: Look, I can understand life is hell... but,
I've got a rather pissed fiancee sitting next to me...
[23:03] MidnightFoxxxx: you are gonna make my life hell if she isn't
happy about this
[23:03] StarFinderwolf33: No, you can't understand what I'm going
through, and you never will, so don't say that you do. You don't.
[23:04] MidnightFoxxxx: then enlighten me
[23:04] MidnightFoxxxx: you know I'll listen to a point
[23:04] MidnightFoxxxx: basically once I see something shiny
[23:04] MidnightFoxxxx: I'm gonna leave
[23:04] MidnightFoxxxx: but I'm here right now
[23:05] StarFinderwolf33: Enlighten you, how? The only way to truly
understand what I feel is to have experienced it yourself, as my
brother's girlfriend has. She understands. She's been through similar
[23:05] MidnightFoxxxx: I've been on this planet a lot longer than
you.. don't pull that
[23:05] MidnightFoxxxx: I've seen things
[23:06] MidnightFoxxxx: done things.
[23:06] MidnightFoxxxx: rape, deaths, theft, assualts, suicide
attempts... my list can go on for a lil ways
[23:06] StarFinderwolf33: No words, spoken or written, no matter how
eloquent, can truly make anyone understand a situation they haven't
experienced. Well fine and dandy that you did things and have seen
things, but your experiences and mine are different, and as such they
left a different impact.
[23:07] MidnightFoxxxx: wooooooo shiny
[23:07] StarFinderwolf33: So can mine, however I don't feel the need
to spill my guts out to anyone about personal matters, especially when
that person has so called 'trust issues' with me. I don't need people
turning more shit against me, especially personal stuff.
[23:08] MidnightFoxxxx: look, I'm not a game player... meaning, I
don't really wanna feed rumors based on one person's life, or state
shit that is blown out of perportion
[23:08] StarFinderwolf33: now really, I have a headache, and I'd
rather not argue anymore. I have other things to do tonight.
[23:09] MidnightFoxxxx: heh... as do i.... I'll be expecting that
package by Friday...
[23:09] StarFinderwolf33: okay then. If it doesn't show up I'll have a
painting done as a replacement (and I'll photograph it as a work
inprogress, and every step of the way, if you're THAT damn skeptical)
[23:10] MidnightFoxxxx: thank you.. have a nice evening.
Session Close (StarFinderwolf33): Mon May 09 23:10:19 2005

Session Start (midnightfoxxxx:StarFinderwolf33): Mon May 09 23:10:25 2005
[23:10] StarFinderwolf33: yeah..sure..
Session Close (StarFinderwolf33): Mon May 09 23:10:28 2005

In both instances with Starfinder, she only provided us with a sketch of the commission.

This is the first sketch from over a year ago.

Here is the second sketch.

I'm also currently aware of many people that have issues with this person.

Now, I'm not the one who commissioned Starfinder, but I'm the one taking charge of insuring that the new piece gets finished and delivered...

She also refuses to refund the money, saying she will provide the art.... she hasn't given us more than the sketches...

Two sketches that aren't worth the $100 that was paid to Starfinder.
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