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lost contact Jax the Bat/Doctor-Franken-Stein

I've been having some problems with an artist I have commissioned.
Some may know him by the name Jax, which he goes by on FurAffinity (however inactive he may be now).  He also has two accounts on DeviantArt, his regular one and one where he goes by the alias doctor-franken-stein.  When I noticed he was opening up for commissions, I decided I'd give it a go, since I really enjoy his art style.

So I sent him a note detailing on what I wanted, included character references and got an email back giving the OK, telling me how much to pay and what Paypal address to send it to.  Me being the prompt and upright guy I try to be, I sent the money immediately (note this was on March 28th, 2010).  Things went fine for a while,  I sent another note asking on status a few weeks after the commission, no reply.  Then he posted a journal on his FA and DA saying those who he owes commissions to send details to his new commissions specific email.  So I did, and got a reply not long after saying he was still in the works on it (April 21, 2010).  I replied with it with understanding and proceeded to wait more.

I waited about two weeks and sent another email asking on the status (sent on May 02, 2010) and got a reply a week later (May 09, 2010) with a predictably unspecific reply on the details.  Instead of me replying back immediately with my usual "Okay, that's fine, I understand", I just waited.  I waited for two months before I finally sent another email asking for an update (first email sent was on July 09, 2010), and of course, that one went unnoticed.  So I sent another email one the 17th, and one more on the 29th.  Still no word back.  Finally, I sent another email yesterday saying that if I don't hear back from him this month with either proof he's been working on it (a sketch) or a refund, I will file a complaint with Paypal and try to get my money back.  After seeing him post a few sketches and pictures to his DA account, I sent another email saying, "hey, I see you've been posting some stuff on your DA account.  Could I possibly get an update on my commission?"  and that has yet to yield a reply of any kind either.

I am tired of waiting and not getting any replies, it's been almost 3 months now with no word at all on progress.  I either want my art, or want my money back.   I know I didn't pay a lot for the commission, but I'm in the process of moving to a new apartment, and money is tight for me right now.  I need some suggestions on how to deal with this and hopefully get a response.

So here I am A_B, warning you of Jax's actions as well as requesting advice on how to get a reply from him and/or get my money back.

EDIT:  I finally got a reply today from Jax (August 15th, 2010) saying only "I'll have your stuff done in a few days."
Here's hoping he's sick of my persistence and is finally going to finish it just to get me of his back!

So to everyone else out there who has had trouble with Jax, that's the way to go.  Persistence.
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