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Aurasoul - Never getting commission and harassing


I've commissioned the plushie maker, Aurasoul over two years ago requesting for a plushie for my boyfriend's birthday to be done sometime during August 2008, hoping it would be done and shipped by October 21, 2008. I had paid her upfront for the plushie as seen here ( ).

After I had sent her payment, she promised to send me images sometime that week of the WIP. Good, great. I waited, and a week had gone by without any word from her. I politely send her a note asking about the WIP images and leave it be for a few weeks. Weeks start going by, and she has yet to reply to my notes. Ironically, she stops replying to me shortly after she confirmed on getting her payment.
( )

As time goes on without word from her, I noticed that she has added artwork to her favorites within the time I was sending her notes. This had bothered me, so I logged into a very old DA account of mine and sent her a note asking if her commissions were open still. She replied 'depends on what you want' within 24 hours. ( )

Notice the date on the screen shot. Dec 2, 2008. I had paid her in August. I had received no word on my commission during that time. My friend later then sent her a note asking about my plushie, and Aura at the time had claimed that she had finished the plushie and just needed my address. Fine, good. I still hadn't received images of the plushie, but at least I was getting it.

So after waiting quite a few months my boyfriend and I were fed up, seeing as the package had not shown up at all. While looking though her favorites, she had been doing trades with others as well as more commissions. After noting one of the people who had done a trade with her, I discovered they received their part of the trade while I was still in the dark with no images or no plushie. At this point of time I began accusing Aura of thief on her comments page on DA. Not too long after doing this, she was banned for posting dog porn without a mature tag repeatedly. I was quite frustrated, until she contacted me on a separate DA account, finally providing me a WIP image of my plushie. This is was around in April, 7 months after I had originally commissioned her. I was annoyed, but happy to finally see images, so I let it go, giving her my address once more.

After waiting again for quite some time, the account on DA she used to show me the images was banned, so I had no way to contact her asking if she had sent my plushie. I managed to get a hold of someone who directed me to a German furry site where she was active on and sent her a note and waited. Nothing. However, I saw she was active on the forums, while she took on more commissions. After I had posted there informing I had never received my plushie and all the drama I had with her, she had cursed me out and accused me it was my fault for not paying for tracking, and my package had gotten lost. I asked her for a scan of the receipt proving she had shipped it, nothing.

( )

A few months later, she noted me that she had made a second plushie for me since the first one had gotten lost, and would send it to me if I gave her the money for shipping. $20 without tracking and $50 with. She had sent me no images of the new plushie. I had no way of paying for the shipping at that time, so I informed her I would do it later. During this time, I had thought over about this situation and decided against giving her the money for shipping. Quite frankly, I was done dealing with her. And I didn't want the plushie to be 'lost' again, but $50 on top of the original $80 I had paid was ridiculous at this point of time. Plus, how did I know if she really did ship it out or not? What if there really was no second plushie? I had no idea.

After the situation with Fuzzypaws and her, I made it clear that I was done doing business with her and wanted her banned for her poor commission ethics on FA. I haven't talked to her since.

Today, I received this comment on my page;

'wanna see on stream how i destroy the second plushie i made?you never belived that its existing there you can see^^'

I've commissioned her nearly two years ago, at this point of time, I've given up on getting the plushie, and I have left her alone. She claims that she would never do commissions for people over the sea anymore, but still. Please don't commission this person unless you want to deal with a headache and drama.

Edit: Screenshot of her comment ( )

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