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Beware of DiceLion on Furaffinity

 Greetings everyone

It's been brought to my attention that the user DiceLion of FurAffinity ( http://www.furaffinity.net/user/dicelion ) is the same artist who previously went by the names of Svetlana, Achondrite, and CanyonVoredU. This had been confirmed by a few members of the FurAffinity community, as well as there being circumstantial evidence such as the same art style, same interests, same dislikes, age, and location. The previous track record of this artist is nothing short of having been commissioned a project that's usually valued over $200, then disappears shortly afterwards without fully delivering on the paid art. This has happened to a number of people already over the past few years, myself included. This user's new account has only been active since April, and she is already exhibiting the same behaviors as her previous accounts prior to being uprooted by way of advertising large sums of art for a high price, which she is asking to be paid up front for.

By no means am I suggesting to not commission this artist. If you do, that's your own business and no one else's. But, if you do happen to commission this artist, I encourage you to practice caution.

Thank you for your time.

Edit - Due to the fact that the accused is stating I had threatened physical harm towards her nearing the end of our dealings, I dug up the chat logs I had posted about the very same individual from my previous entry about her.

Here's the full and complete chat log prior to DiceLion ceasing all forms of communication with me.

Edit 2 - A user, who wishes to remain anonymous, just confronted me in regards to this whole issue. He does not wish to have his name disclosed, but I wanted to make this public in regards to Achondrite as well.


Edit 3 - Upon suggestion of the community, I would like to specifically point out this thread and the evidence I had posted in it to disprove any claims from the accused.


Edit 4 - In regards to my own dealings with her, I paid $450 USD for 10 sketches, and $450 USD to have those 10 sketches inked. She produced 3 sketches and refunded $300 CAD ( $275 USD ) at the time of the incident, and $125 USD after I posted this journal more than 2 years later. She has yet to refund me the additional $365 USD to make up for the total difference of what's been paid and what's been produced.

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Aug. 8th, 2010 08:55 pm (UTC)
Ok, since my FA name (Lightningfire) has been brought up on this one I guess I'll offer some clarification. In late 2007, Nyghtwulf, myself, and a few others had been in the process of coordinating a large (7-8chars) group picture for a channel we were all in, to be done by Svetlana. I'd not had much experience with commissioning art art that point, but went in on it as Nyght had had a decent number of pieces done by the artist without issue, up to then. I personally had paid, directly to the artist via Paypal, $160 for two of the characters (my own plus another as a gift).

Shortly after the money was paid, Svetlana announced, "I can't possibly do adult furry art anymore!" dropped more or less off of FA, and nothing ever happened on the piece. Things went back and forth for a while between Nyght and Svetlana (I didn't have any means of direct contact), and Nyght did manage to get some of their money back from Svetlana. At that point, Svetlana was claiming my personal money was included in that payment to Nyght. The best analogy here would be, Bill loans money to Fred, but when asked for it back Fred announces, "I owed money to George, too, and paid it all back to him. Go talk to George, not me." Nyght, for their part, was fairly certain this wasn't the case, but wasn't able to track all of the Paypal records to be certain.

At one point, I believe I was offered a small, quick sketch (which I believe were being sold for $40 at the time) as "compensation" for any extra that hadn't been allegedly transferred to Nyght. I wasn't about to accept this "offer" at the time, as it was more an insult than anything (to use the Bill and Fred example from above, Bill gives Fred money for a car, but Fred can't deliver the car, so offers a toy car instead).

I lodged a complaint with Paypal, of course, but the whole event had taken long enough that Paypal's whole response consisted of, "Over 45 days. Not our problem." And that's where it sorta died. Honestly, I'd long since given up on ever seeing anything out of that whole mess, and considered it a dead affair until this popped up...
Aug. 8th, 2010 08:58 pm (UTC)
Do you have any proof to support this? Caps from paypal, notes, anything?


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