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Warning, possibly hijacked artist account - lilstiney / Josie Murray

A long time ago I commissioned lilstiney (otterfox) for some icons. That went very well, and as such, I am not posting a warning about her. No, this is a warning because it appears that her email has been hijacked.

I just got some spam from her account; so, if you dealt with her in the past, you might be getting some weird emails from her account, josie.murray AT gmail dot com. I have no way of contacting her anymore (the email lists a phone number, but I am outside the US) and I am weary of replying to her email, for fear of getting bombarded with spam from whoever got the account.

I am in no way denouncing this artist, she did right by me a few years back with some icons which I absolutely adored, but I'm just letting people know about this situation so they're on the lookout in case someone tries to scam them using her name or email.
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