Pan Hesekiel Shiroi (pan_h_shiroi) wrote in artists_beware,
Pan Hesekiel Shiroi

"John Smith" - Scam?

Rather a question than a beware ...
Today, I found the following email in my in-box:

"Hello Artist,
How are you doing a at lover and i wish to get a very
good work for my new apartment...I read your Ad and i am interested in buying
your (painting work,) you still have for sale.Send me recent paintwork you have
and there price list and let me know your last asking price on each if you
will accept CHECK as means of payment.Get back to me with the
request information or kindly call me phone +447946609438 asap if there is any
question to ask and have a wonderful day.

The email was sent by the email address "". And in the field for the addressee there was the email address "" (which doesn't belong to me).

So ... after reading this email, I got rather suspicious. I might be wrong but this looks like a scam.
Any opinions?

EDIT: Thanks a lot for all the replies! I already thought it is a scam, I just wanted to make sure. :)
Tags: advice for artists, beware

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