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Artist Not Responding?

I'll admit now that I'm hesitant in posting this, but I need some advice on what to do. I commissioned an artist for a custom cane, sent payment in full, and after she asked me for the height and said she was ready to work on it all communication pretty much stopped on her end. My notes on DA still say that they have been unread.

I sent an inquiry to Porkshanks in November/December to see if she was interested in doing a cane for me. While arranging things communication was great, every day or few and I ended up getting a quote of $150-200, I decided to send her $250 since she had never made a cane before, and she had to buy the materials and to cover shipping cost when it was finished.

In March/April (19 weeks, 5 days ago according to the note) she told me she was ready to work on the cane and asked what the height should be off the floor, I responded the next day. Since then. she has not read any of my notes, and she hasn't sent my any either. She hasn't responded to anything I sent to her email, and the one comment she did make was when I posted on her profile page and that was to tell me that she had been thinking about my commission (here). That was on the first of June, and nothing since, obviously. Though she has been active, posting personal works and photo-shoots and such the entire time.

I honestly have no idea what to do. I requested a refund in a note and email, that has still gone unread and she's been on twice since I sent it 3-4 days ago. I would rather not call her out on her DA page, but I'm not sure that I have any other choice since she hasn't responded to anything. It's far to late for me to open a dispute/claim with paypal, but at this point I would rather have my money back than this commission. So what should I do now?

Here are some screen-caps of the notes that I sent her, I thought I was polite?

Last note she sent me
Note telling her my concerns
Second profile comment asking her to read a previous note
My request for a refund

Edit for clarification:
-I have sent her a couple emails to the two email addresses I have for her and have not received a response from either of them.
-I have the AIM name she has listed on DA on my buddy-list, but either she has it set to friends only, is invisible, or she's just never on when I am.
-I've sent her 6-7 notes since she requested the measurement for the cane 5 months ago because she was ready to work on it, and NONE have been read, or so my notes say. One update request a month when not getting a previous response isn't badgering, right?
-She HAS been active the entire time, posting multiple personal works and such. She's usually on about twice a week.

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