Traci (ulariogryphon) wrote in artists_beware,

Scammer Alert!

I just wanted to send a heads up to all artists out there - a scam artist is using fake Western Union checks to swindel people out of thousands of dollars.

In one case, the scam artist commissioned an artist to paint a series of presidential portraits. The scam artist sent a check for the full amount VIA western Union. After the first picture was sent to him for approval, the scam artist sent him an e-mail saying the project had to be cut short and asked him to send back over $1300!

It's a good thing that a red flag went up in the artist's head because the Western Union check turned out to be a fake and he would have lost a good amount of money.

The complete story about the artist's run in with him:
The entire story:
Tags: beware, comm-frank mayfield

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