faye_88 (faye_88) wrote in artists_beware,

Question About Refund from A Fursuit Maker

I'm not going to post any names as to WHO I commissioned from to save them the drama, but I've been having issues with this particular fursuit maker and I've kept hearing excuses as to why my suit couldn't be finished and after speaking to several customers and people that know this person, i've heard nothing but bad news. I canceled my commission from this fursuit maker and said I would like the refund by the end of july if possible or end of august. I was wondering by anyone elses experience as to what you do if you don't get your refund from this person? Do I take it to court...I know that sounds silly but it's alot of money to just forget about. I do have documentation of the payments as I did it over paypal. So, in any case I don't get my refund what should I do? Thanks!
Tags: advice for commissioners

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