Kerstin Orion (kerstin_orion) wrote in artists_beware,
Kerstin Orion

Mod post: Call for positive reviews coming soon!

Based on the results of our discussion and the subsequent poll, we moderators have decided to have a monthly post for positive reviews. Individual positive reviews will no longer be allowed as separate posts, and artists' names will only be used for tagging 'beware' posts.

How it will work:

On or around the first of each month, a moderator will put up a post calling for people to comment about their positive experiences. They can be either about an artist or a customer, and should include details about what this person did to make the transaction so fantastic.

The first call for positive reviews is coming in the next few days, so be keeping in mind those who have helped make your commission experience the fun, easy, smooth transaction we all hope for.
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