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Alright, so I commissioned an artist around a little past the beggining of March for a textile peice. Upon request, I was told that the peice would be created before I went on vacation about a week later for an extra $5 dollars, plus the $40 I had already payed. Turns out it wasn't finished in time for my trip, but I shrugged it off and allowed them to keep the extra $5. On April 1st, I was shown the finished product, and it appeared beyond statisfactory, so I approved it for shipping. After that, I heard nothing more from the artist, the product has still not reached me, and attempts to get in touch with them via email have failed. I know that a few other people have this problem with the same person as well. I wouldn't mind all this if the product was still in the process of being finished, is finished.

So, my question is, what should I do by this point? My dad already filed a complaint to paypal, but I really would like to get what I paid for. Suggestions 0,o?

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