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Advice: What to do if someone thinks they commissioned you?

I just got a note in my inbox that says thus:

"I think I paid you for a badge and
if so you told me you were gonna contact me after ac and its been a month."

Now, I did get a number of commissions, but I kept great records and I KNOW that I did every commission that I received.  Thankfully, I make receipts for any commission over $15, and most of my badges fall into that category.  I find, if for no other reason, it reminds the commissioner that they have a commission to pickup, and I always write my table-name and number so that they can relocate me.  I admit, i don't always do it for the $10 badges--they're generally very quick by comparison and never ones I potentially take home. 

I've asked him to scan the receipt if he has one, and that he probably has a different artist since I'm 100% certain I finished my que.  

If he was to get upset or insist what should I do?  I mean, if this ended up here, aside from pointing out that he doesn't have a reciept I have no idea how else I could defend myself against a claim like that. 

And secondly, is this possibly someone trying to get free art?  It would be a very easy scam to pull with some artists >.>  Especially if others are getting similar notes. *EDIT TO ADD* I'm not saying I think he's a scam artist!  I'm JUST saying that a scam like this would be very easy to pull. 

Update:  I got a second note, with a bit more detail, he's emailing everyone in my general area at the con because he knows where he got a commission from but not who from.  He described someone putting the data in the back of a notebook--I don't use a notebook, so it's definitely not me =3  I totally understand getting confused--but for the record, I imagine that most people would A. give details about the commission in the first note rather than the vague example above, and B. be a lot more polite in the same situation.
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