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Hello A_B, I need a little bit of help on a matter. I don't want to name names since this is strictly needing advice on what to do.

In January, someone asked me to make them a wolf head, foam base only. I was happy to have a commission and agreed. After hashing out some details, I was to send them a head with a semi moving jaw, toony teeth, mouth lining, tongue, duct taping and as a small freebie, some grey fur for markings/furring/whatever.
In talking about the details, they mentioned how they are uncomfortable with things close to their face, and I said I could try to make it an inch bigger than their measurement. After a little more talk, we decided to go with the original size. (aka, without the added inch) I made sure that it was ok that we use the original size more than once and everytime, it was approved.

Once completed, I showed them a picture of it, they asked me to change some things and I did happily. After things were changed,  I sent more pictures and they were approved.

They needed it in time for FWA in the end of March, I sent it out and they received it on February 25th. I did forget the teeth and the tongue, but I sent them and they were received March 16th. They complained about there not being an upper set of teeth, even though my FA at the time said that toony teeth were only the bottoms. At this point, their font started changing drastically (huge, bold colorful, you name it) and I kept getting new emails (I have Gmail so they stack. Made it hard to keep track honestly)

Once they got it, they complained of it being too tight and the jaw not moving correctly, then quickly said they figured out how to wear it and make the jaw move. Also, the ears were supposedly coming lose. That is something I am positive that would not happen. I glue those things down super, super well. Like, surround them with hotglue since I am always scared of ears either sagging, poping off or breaking on any head I have seen since people always say never to pick them up like that and all. (all heads, not just mine) They then sent the head back to me.

At this time, I am in the middle of moving. Not just to one place, bout out of one, to another (parents) then out of the parents and to my new apartment. I was unable to respond at that time and apologized about it. I assured them that I would be able to fix things as soon as things were moved.

I told them I could fix things to the original measurements, and fix the teeth (supposedly the one canine was crooked, so I remade them). Then I was at a loss. I made the head to the correct measurements and was unsure what to do next. Everything seemed to work when I wore it, and when my fiance wore it.

Between asking what was wrong and such, I offered a partial refund and me keep it, or send it  back and they could send it. They asked about how much I would refund, and I had not had the time to respond.

Because of the different threads of emails, I was unsure about what exactly was wrong, so I asked again and they said it was just that their ears got squished and it got painful. I said I could easily fix that, and they replied that that wasn't the only thing wrong, and sent a whole list of things that were wrong. They also either want this list of things completely corrected, or a full refund.

I want to make this right, and frankly, I don't have the spare funds laying around to refund a full amount. I charged a little more than 100$ for all the things I did. Materials and shipping ate a large part of the total up, and for a time, I believed that the commissioner was happy with the end result, and considered it a completed commission. Thus, safe to use the small amount of profit I made, only to find out after I have used the profit, that they were not happy with it. I am trying hard to make them happy, but I don't think they will ever be happy with it. I am no professional builder, and it feels they were expecting professional builder quality. (Professional as in the high up, spectacular suit makers)

So, after reading all of this, I ask; What can I do?

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EDIT: I am still in re-possession of the head. They sent it back for modifications and I have not sent it back, nor made any other modification aside from ones stated above. I think I failed to mention me having it.
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