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Greetings, it's been awhile... last time I made a post concerning Jace/Brian Harp and backpedaled for personal reasons but now I think it's important to let know others of my story.

I commissioned him since the start of February 2009, I made a mistake by trusting him, he got the money not too long and the promise of art but I was deceived by his wit so I believed he would do art some point but that never happened. At the end of the journal I'll attach screencaps of the transactions which add up around 240 dollars. Judging from his past he has tricked a good handful of people for a greater sum of money and nothing but unsound promises of art or money guarantee.

We used to get along very well in the past, I can only imagine worse treat for those that kept it at a business level. I won't divulge much but I know him well enough to know that there's concept of 'giving' in his personality, one who has spent a considerable time with him should know this. I tried helping him when he had a bad financial situation, in the end I was 'enabling' and feeding his insecurity, he's currently job-less and lives by the charity of others.

I used to respect him as a friend, I was nothing but a mean to his ends. I don't know whether to feel contempt or pity for him for he will continue to psychologically torture his self for commodities at the expense of others. I apologize if it comes across as too personal but I think it's fair to do him a favor by stopping any means of enabling and warning others of his destructive behavior for they might get ripped off as I did out of an act of 'generosity' and belief of him being a professional artist.




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