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PopRock Grey

I really dislike putting people up here, it makes me feel like a jerk, but sometimes it's what you gotta do I suppose. :/

So back in February, on the 21st PopRock Grey Opened for commissions on latex dog noses for fursuit making. I ordered 3 from her and was told they'd be done in about 2 weeks. I sent money right away and waited.

I hadn't heard from her in over a month, so I messaged her on April 12th asking what the status on them was. She apologized saying she was having trouble casting and that it was taking a while. She promised they would be done in no less than a week, and that she'd let me know when she sent them out. She e-mailed me on the 21st saying it was taking longer than expected.

I emailed her again on July 8th, over 2 months later, asking about them again, since I had no reply from her since then. She apologized and said she messed up my FA with someone else. I had never contacted her on FA, only through e-mail, so that seemed really weird to me. She said they'd be done in 3 days and she's sent them out within the week and give me a tracking number.

It's now been 10 days since I got that last e-mail and I haven't heard anything from her. Nothing saying they were done, no tracking number. Not even something saying it's be a bit longer than expected. It's been 5 months since this started, and I kinda just want my money back at this point.

E-Mail screen shots.

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