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Also goes by "Yuki", she's a costume maker who will actually never make your costume! I had bought the supplies, helped sew alot of it and when Akon came rolling around, no costumes. I didn't ask her what was up because of her explosive nature but then she IMed me asking why I "rolled my eye at her", I responded that I saw she was busy and didn't bother to talk to her. She then exploded when a few hours later I put my buddy list on Friends Only because of a seperate reason and linked to my journal saying I was a total jerk and what not. I said I don't mind her keeping the payment for what she'd done so far but i'd like my fabric back. She responded that I was a liar and broke her heart (I had slept with her once, MONTHS ago, we never had a relationship or even talked about it) and since I didn't buy her a wig that she could keep the material since that was part of payment. I had already paid her the 300 promised and she just said I couldn't do anything. She then said "she could crush me if she wanted to" and that "she knew where I lived so I better watch out". Since she is explosive and does know where I live I reported it to the help desk who told me to delete my journal and keep my personal life off of Deviantart.

Reasons not to commish her:
- Explosive Anger
- Clingy
- Doesn't produce product
- Doesn't return pre-bought materials when costumes not produced
- Will stalk you


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