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Needing advice about a commission.

Last year I commissioned a DA friend of mine in November 2009 for a 2 character fully (traditionally) colored commissions and a colored ink commission which came to around $33. I sent her the money, and she told me she has gotten it. On February 11, 2010,  she uploaded a inking of the first commission, and I approved of the inking so she could start coloring it. On March 24, 2010, she uploaded the fully colored version of drawing (which was switched to digital coloring), which she now made as a gift to me instead of being 1 of the 2 commissions I paid for.  We spoke in notes and she told me about how she was sketching the commissions and how she liked them thus far.  Two months after the image was uploaded the artists ended up leaving deviantART because apparently she accused another artists on there from stealing from her and according to others she was doing the same thing she accused the other artists of doing (stealing art), so she deleted everything off her dA account to move strictly to FA.  Around this time I spoke to her on FA via comments, and she told me she was sorry about me still waiting on my commissions (this was about 2 months ago). I never heard from her after that, until about month later when  she posted another  journal but this one was about how her life was crumbling beneath her, and now she no longer has time to do art nor was it a main priority to her anymore... In that same journal she also wrote that she probably wasn't going to be around anymore.  This is really upsetting to me because I have noticed her checking her "supposedly" dead DA account, and adding people to her watch list on that account. Overall her actions have really not only upset me, but have hurt me as well because she was "suppose" to be a friend (internet or not), and I paid her for artwork that I haven't seen or even gotten.

I understand life gets tough, and sometimes you end up losing the internet and are unable to contact your commissioners, but she has been online since she told everybody she wasn't, and I have sent her notes since then that have gone unread. I would just like to know if she ever plains to do my commission or not, and if she doesn't then I would like a refund.

I just don't know what to do at this point anymore. Should I continue to note her? Or should I wait a little longer to see what happens? Its been over 8 months so the only record I have of her getting the payment is a confirmation from her stating she got it (which I do have screen capped, along with all our  comments and journals).

On another note,  I am sorry for keeping the name hidden, but if the problem keeps going unresolved I will re-post with screen shots and with a user name.

I also couldn't add a tag.


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