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Per Korrok's advice i'm here to warn you all about Zombi, this was over a year ago when I commisioned her so I don't know if she still accepts them but i'd like to direct you all to a conversation we had over a year after I had paid her 800 dollars US for three already completed sketchbooks:

She freaked out that I asked her to ship them, now 8 days later I did receive them but:
Well I got the sketchbooks yesterday and she gave me an extra. Seeing as half the pages are ripped out and there is not a single colour picture except for one halfway done in crayola I was upset. Not only that but when I opened the box I almost vomited, it reeked so bad of MJ that I had to air them out for hours before I could even get near them without feeling sick. I wasn't told they we're coming from a smokers home, and i'm very allergic to smoke so it was all a big waste. There's 100$ worth of art in there tops, and that's mainly because there are a few of my favorite sketches in there.

Not only did I have to wait a year but at least 70 of the 300 pages were stained, torn out or smudged beyond recognition. Most of the others were unfinished and the ones that wern't were usually stained or crinkled. Also she had peoples phone numbers written all over the sketchbooks as well as a few suicidal journalsd even prices for drugs. I was deeply disturbed since if they had gotten into someone elses hands they'd have the phone numbers of at least 10 of her friends.

This was the worst rip off i've ever been through and well now i'm worried to even commision again, i've got three sketchbook commisions open that I can't stop worrying about.

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