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Furbrications update!

So as many of you probably already know, on 6/14 I won Furbrications' auction for the "realistic canine head". The auction closed at $305.
After shipping was determined, I sent my full $315 payment to her on Paypal (yes, she DID violate terms of service by telling me to send it as a personal payment, but that's not the important thing here.) Paypal made me pay their fee for doing a personal payment, so my final total was $324.44

After I paid, she was supposed to ship the head ASAP, since that's the way the auction thing is supposed to work.

Here's a link to the original post I made here, so you can read everything (screencaps too!)

Today (7/12) I received the following two messages from Furbrications, after sending her two messages a week apart asking for a refund and explaining why I needed it (long story short, the money I had available a month ago is now desperately needed due to suddenly being kicked out of my house....I HAD the money; I just need it back....My other reason for trying for a refund was all the horrible reviews here, and I didn't want to have my money basically stolen.)

Here's the first message:
"shit. I wish I'd checked LJ sooner. I just sent it out today with a bunch of other things cause money i'd been waiting on took longer than expected.  If you care, i've got a tracking number. There was a family emergency on the fourth involving fireworks and I havent been able to much of anything lately, so, i'm sorry about that."

And here's the second:
"I got to your second message just now, and I feel bad about the moving out thing. I can send you some money back now to help with that, but I'm stupidly tight on funds myself too after the accident.
I've got about $150 I can send your way now give or take."

Obviously, she has responded to my messages, which is good. She hasn't yet sent me the partial refund she promised, so I'll give that some time. Things are starting to look up a bit, and hopefully this whole issue will be resolved soon. I'm not going to say I'm not making it difficult, because I know how "frowned upon" refunds are in the fandom....but the bad reviews made me realize that I was very unwilling to wait and risk never receiving what I had paid for. I'll keep you guys posted on where it goes from here, but maybe I wasn't being ignored after all! :)

Edit (7/14): She has very generously offered to send me "something cool" to make up for this whole thing. I'm not expecting much, but she did say she has blank foam heads, so it'll probably be one of those. She already knows I'll be re-selling the canine head on furbid, but she still offered to send me something else...it's up to her, I guess! I appreciate the offer, to say the least. :)
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