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Buyer Beware- DominoDingo

 EDIT- Received head today. There are some issues with it, but at least I got it. Still would not recommend doing business with him unless you're willing to wait a couple of months for your item.

As much as I hate to post on here, I think it's now necessary.

On May 22nd I won a fursuit head on Furbid, the original auction can be found here:

and the sellers FA page can be found at

At first he was quick to respond to my emails, but it went quickly down hill. He told me he would give me the shipping cost BEFORE that following Monday, but didn't until a few days later (only after I emailed him multiple times asking.) I finally had sent the payment, and this was REGRETFULLY a money order since my Paypal was not working at the time.

After not having any contact with him for a week or so, I emailed him again asking if he had received my money order- apparently it had been damaged due to the rain, but he ended up getting the cash anyways. He said he would have it shipped out ASAP, and this is on the 6th of June.

Another couple of weeks pass, and on the 21st I get a response to an email I sent him asking if he had ever gotten around to shipping it, and requesting a tracking number. Another excuse was made, quote "I've had problem after problem with my internet connection and switching to my new laptop. Now that everything is situated, please, send your address again so I can send the head out ASAP" followed by an apology about the wait and saying in another email sent shorty after that he'd have it out tomorrow (June 22nd.) This, of course, did not happen.

I email him again on the 28th making sure he sent it, and then the next night he said he had finally shipped it (So it went out on the 29/30th, NOT the 22nd.)

I've emailed him again regarding this issue and have not had any reply- It's been nearly ten days later and it is STILL not here, and I'm honestly afraid that I got ripped off.

Am I just being impatient, or does this sound fishy to the rest of you? Is there any way I can get refunded for this? :/
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