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Edit 3: This is resolved.  I finished the commission and he replied explaning what had happened. I learned I was acting wrongly and am glad people here made me realize this. Both the commissioner and I are happy ^^ 

This isn't so much as beware as that I don't know what to do.

I don't like having to chase people around for info.


Edit 2: After hearing what people had to say, plus relaxing and thinking about how I've been acting, I decided to just work with what I have, fix the small mistake the commissioner may have made, finish the work, be done with it and learn from it. It's what I'll do from now on,  just keep the commissioner happy as much as I can. I guess we all live and learn, huh?

The commission is almost done and will be sent to him ASAP ^^ Thank you for all the advice!

On July 2, I opened up for discount sketch commissions. This date might not be accurate, as I deleted the journal since then, but this is the date where I got my first email with info from one of the people who bought a slot.

Anyways, another person was interested in one. I had almost finished another type of discount commission for them recently, this is also when I used hotmail. I recently switched to gmail since I could log everything.

When I ask for info from people I ask them to fill out a little form and sent to my email, not noted on FA. While some people find it unnecessary, it's the best way for me to make sure I get all the info I need.

The note was read, but I didn't get any emails with info, only asked if he could have my character drawn with his and I said yes. So after a day or two I ask what's up. They thought I didn't need the info since I did a commission recently, then sent me another note realizing I can't remember each person's info. That's is partly why, but it's also just in case someone wants to change something from last time and I have something to log.

He sent the info, but sent it to my hotmail, not gmail like it says to do in my first note. That's ok, it's an easy mistake. I sent him his finished commission from before, the one I mentioned above and asked for it to be sent to my gmail. But didn't get a reply.

So I waited a few days. And noticed he had favorited things on FA, so I decided to send him a reminder.

It was read, more things favorited and no reply. I only sent another note when I saw he faved things recently and thought maybe the note reading was a glitch. It's happened before.

Again, no reply but it was read.

So I sent him this given a deadline.

It was read, no reply, no email, and more things were faved on FA. This part is my fault, I told him I'd give him a week, but I was getting tired with no replys for so long that I canceled completely.

As you can guess, it was read, no reply or email and he was active on FA.

I went to go find his email to refund him, and either I'm just missing it in my transactions or he's using a different paypal address then his regular email.

To answer a few things now. I don't think he's a bad guy at all, though I'm not sure what's going on. He was really nice to work with the first time. I know some will say “Maybe he's just busy”, but I'm sorry, It's hard to believe someone is too busy to let me know they're busy when they're faving things on an art site and reading the notes. Honestly? I wouldn't have minded too much with the waiting if I had known what's going on.

And, for me doing this so quickly, I know most people say to wait a few weeks between communication and not a few days, but I wouldn't do this for a regular commission. These are discount slots that could go to people who are ready to pay and give me info, while regular commission slots are always open.

And although he has paid, I don't like having to wait for info. I'm very forgetful, and need all my stuff in email, labeled and ready for me.

I know I could easily just forward his info from my hotmail to my gmail, but I don't find it fair to have to fix a customer's mistakes. He only needs to copy and paste into a new email. It just reminds me of those people who complain at a store and get what they want just so they go away. It's the clients job to give me the info I need, in the place I need, so that's what he needs to do.

I'm just confused though. Why no reply? Especially since I finished a commission for him, he never replied to it. This is probably only the second time I have ever needed to cancel a commission. The first time cause I couldn't seem to do his picture. But then did it in the end for free since I felt bad.

Edit: More things were just faved, so I noted them saying I put them here on Artist's Beware.



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