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DO NOT commission/trade with Sutaa

Just passing this along after hearing it from a few others and seeing the proof myself, today. I don't know these folks, nor do I have a DA account, so someone else should inform them if they can!

Sutaa on FurAffinity has been trading and attempting to sell icons traced from this animation by Zack, which was originally made for someone going by "Potato".

Evidence is deleted (mostly) because I am made of fail and forgot to screen-cap. However, I saw Sutaa tell another person that these icons are for sale for $10. Sutaa denies stealing the art in the icons, and has various pieces in his gallery that also seem traced as well.

This shout was left on my main gallery after I publicly alerted others using his icons:

...Funny, when I replied on his front page, linking the original GIF, my reply magically ~disappeared~! How silly!

EDIT: I received a note from them.

TL;DR: Sutaa trades/sells traced art. Avoid.
Tags: art theft, artist-sutaa, beware
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