xXSinaXx (xxsinaxx) wrote in artists_beware,

Artist Beware - Jinxsis

In September of 2009 I commissioned Jinxsis [FurAffinity & DeviantArt] and so far most of my commissions are still outstanding. All pieces ordered where small chibis/icons. Some of which are Halloween themed. It is to my understanding she took FAR too many commission/peoples money and could not hold a reasonable time line.

Along with being overdue she is slow to respond and constantly loses my information and has mislead me to belive she has worked on my pieces only to backtrack and trip up in her own words. It doesn't stop there, even after being supported she becomes short tempered and confrontational when people start asking or pressing for their comission(s) which they are out money.

I have contacted her a few times but if I'm not pressing for information the communication stops and I am again left in the dark about the status of my works left outstanding.

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Tags: artist-jinxsis, beware
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