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Artist: Spite

I am not usually one that complains like this, but I think I have been more than patient.

In March at FWA, I commissioned Spite to make me a wolf with wings necklace. I paid for it up front, and gave her my information, and she said she would mail it out in a couple of weeks.

Well, I thought I picked up her business card, but I accidentally picked up her partner's card instead, so it took me a couple of weeks to find out what her name was. I first contacted her on April 13th.

I got a reply the same day, and she asked me about a character that wasn't mine, so I replied with more information on April 21st. She responded right away with:

sorry I have been having some family problems
I was going to email everyone with in this week and have them send me Ref work. I'm sorry for taking so long on it, once I get that email to you I'll work on it, then Post up the little guy, if you like it I cook him and paint him, you ok that, then he is glazed and sent out the next day I can mail him... I will be putting all of this in the Email I send out ^^; sorry for the delay once again

I did finally get an email that I lost in an email crash asking me again what my reference information was again (she said she lost it), and my address and what not, and after that I have not heard from her since.

I replied with the requested information twice. Once by email, and once by FA. My emails are sitting ignored at FA. One on June 8th, and June 23rd. The last one, I asked for a refund or the commission.

I completely understand her having a couple of family problems in March, and even having two dogs die in May, but it's now July, and I either want my money back, or the wolf I commissioned.

I have never received the images that she promised, or any other email. I have checked her gallery, and look at her page often wondering if she did it and just didn't tell me. No such luck.

I know she was on FA last month, because she set a new picture as her favorite on the 15th. So she should have at least saw the mail from the 8th. I think I am being ignored now.

I would really like this resolved, but she has ignored me since the end of April now, I don't have much hope that it will be.

Edit: I contacted her on DA on July 12th, still no word back as of July 18th, at 8:45pm.

OLD Update: I was looking for something else while I was on vacation, and I ended up finding Spite's email address in my webmail box in Comcast. So I used the email addy to send her another message on July 26th. Still no word from Spite as of August 3.

Update: 6/10/14 - Never received word back, and have never received this commission. I wish I could get my 35.00 back.
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