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On March 21st, I won the following auction on Furbid:

On the 22nd, I recived the following feedback regarding the auction:

So things look like they're going well, right? I emailed her my shoe size (I have since lost these emails, unfortunately), things seem to be progressing. I wait, I'm a pretty patient person. I contacted her a few times in the time between the below email and the auction being won, was told things were moving along. As previously stated, however, I don't have these emails anymore.

In May we had the following exchange:

OK cool, they're done! And ready to be shipped! Wait, maybe not...

After not hearing from her for a while and finding her on FA, we started conversing via notes:

Wait, so they're not done? And you had to order new fur? OK...

AC came and went, I made sure to log into FA to check my notes throughout the con. Nothing.

I sent her this note:

Still haven't gotten a response. Was it mailed? Is it lost somewhere in Pittsburgh? The note does show as having been read. I sent her the following note this evening:

So we'll see what happens.

Furbications/Brio seems like a nice enough girl. I understand that sometimes you can get overwhelmed by your workload, and I think that's what happened with her. At this point I'm just frustrated and fed up, and I would not recommend doing business with her, at least not until she's gotten her work queue and priorities under control. She does cute stuff but I don't think chasing her down is worth the frustration.
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