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An Open Letter to Furbrications

To: Furbrications
To whom it may concern,

You're a really good-hearted person, and we all get overwhelmed at times. I get that. In my position, I get that more than most people. I've always subscribed to the notion that sunlight is the best disinfectant, and I hope you can differentiate between business and personal affairs.

But what I don't get, and maybe you can help me with this one, is this lack of respect you are having with your clients, myself included. And what really upsets us (customers), is when we see the 26 new journal entries, the new various fursuit projects (soda roos, free fursuit design contest, multiple new commissions) and auctions you take on, even the new finished 2D (fursuit ref sheets) commissions, or the added responsibility (or lack thereof), BUT YET the people who payed you at FWA 2010 are old news. You have taken in, and finished, many newer commissions before tending to unfinished ones. I can understand priorities even, (maybe someone paid you more, whatever) but we're 4+ months into this now, and you won't even reply back regarding where my commission stands. Actually, multiple times now.

Let's have a looksie!

3/28/2010 - Reply saying fiance and I were back from FWA. Touching Base
4/10/2010 - Reply saying you goofed on coloring my badge. (That's okay btw, at least you let me know) Promised new recolor the next week.
4/10/2010 - E-Mail asking me for badge name because you forgot. (no worries, least we caught it right)
4/10/2010 - Reply back with my name.

--------- - I gave you your space to work.

6/3/2010 - Private Messaged you on FurAffinity. No reply from your end.
6/17/2010 - E-Mail asking you for the status. No reply from your end.
7/4/2010 - E-Mail asking you for the status. No reply from your end.
7/5/2010 - Comment on LJ (artist beware post from prior complaint, asking for status). No reply.

What gives? At this point, do you even remember what I commissioned enough to pull the commission off? You want to just refund it, and take the easy way out? I'd be really interested to see either way.

Feel free to reply back here, or you can E-Mail me at mirage@snowmeow.com
Tags: artist-furbrications/brio/sakurarakuen, lost contact

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