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AuraSoul is now outright stating she will steal your money. (Edit: Resolved?)

EDIT: Aurasoul's boyfriend sent me a refund. Assuming they don't try anything stupid to try to defraud me I'm going to consider the matter closed.

I commissioned a custom plush from Aurasoul on FA as a gift to a friend. Almost two years later, it has not been completed or sent and there is no evidence that it was ever started. Meanwhile, the "artist" has acted improperly, making vague and not so vague threats. In the journal cited below, the artist outright states that she will commit theft (keeping money spent without providing product) if people complain. The link to the actual journal is followed by a link to a screenshot archive in case the journal itself is removed.

She outright states that she will keep my money and then sell the product I ordered at auction.

This follows her intentionally getting herself banned on DA after people started to complain there, so she could not be contacted there. Do not ever commission this scammer.
Tags: artist-aurasoul/ravesoul, beware, resolved

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