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Starfinder/Astray RESOLVED (after 4 years!!)

Finally, Finally, Finally
After four years, I finally got art from Starfinder. And to make it even a bit sweeter, she did TWO of my characters. Not a full colored badge, but cute cross-hatched bust drawings


Sorry I don't have anything OLDER than this, she used a different AIM name before this.

On Nov 10 2009, she said I was on a "I actually have a tiny backlog of less than 5 folks"

On Nov 24 2009, she asked for a Moonbeam Ref

On Dec 30 2009, she asks for Moonbeam References, AGAIN

On June 09 2010, I warned her to look at A_B

On June 28, 2010: Note that I did have an "argument" with her again, and she said she would have something in my mail the next morning.

On July 3 2010, I get my art on FurAffinity (not in email)

Session Start (diadexxus:canonphotowolf): Tue Nov 10 19:31:28 2009 -0800
canonphotowolf: hey
canonphotowolf: It's star! I didn't see you on your old SN, so I grabbed your new one off FA
canonphotowolf: FYI, the best way to reach me is AIM
canonphotowolf: so I'd appreciate it if you contact me that way rather than commenting on my FA :/
Diadexxus: I havent seen you on AIM in weeks....
canonphotowolf: I'm always on
canonphotowolf: I'm on nearly 24/7
Diadexxus: Hm, you must have been invisible, didnt see you until just now when you said hello.
canonphotowolf: Oddly I haven't seen your old dragoncharm SN in weeks
canonphotowolf: so...maybe there's an issue with that SN? I haven't seen you on in ages, but I'm always on. I'm not invisible, just away
Diadexxus: I used this one from home, I believe dragoncharm@mac.com is work name... Anyway, Mike bought a badge from you in 2006 and it was never given to me... I just want it taken care of, it could just be a bust pic, or whatever... but its only fair. I just want it off my list... http://diadexxus.livejournal.com/558602.html if you havent noticed my list is long..
Diadexxus: yorus is the longest. heh
canonphotowolf: I'm aware. I've just been bogged down with work. I have tons of debts to pay and if you haven't noticed, I'll be out on my ass and homeless soon
canonphotowolf: I'm trying to make ends meet first, especially since I need money to live :/
Diadexxus: That may be, but why wait 3 YEARS?
Diadexxus: thast why I am getting very upset
Diadexxus: c'mon, I Have known you since you were, what, 15 is when you made my first pic? heh
Diadexxus: I thought I have been pretty nice not to throw a fit in 3 years...just a reminder on my LJ every couple months
canonphotowolf: Well I'm sorry that it's taken so long, but posting all the time won't help speed things up. For now I need to do new work to save up. I'm behind on a credit card and facing overdraft in my bank. It's not easy
canonphotowolf: You haven't been forgotten about and when I can relax more and focus on my backlog you are at the top of the list
Diadexxus: yeah but the backlog for all I know could be a years worth
canonphotowolf: It's not
canonphotowolf: I actually have a tiny backlog of less than 5 folks, counting you
Diadexxus: then in good faith, email me dia@critter.net with when you are going to do and when roughly you think it should be done...
Diadexxus: please.
canonphotowolf: For now I can not estimate a time and risk falling short
canonphotowolf: I'm NOT in a stable position in my life right now
Diadexxus: then say "you havent been forgotten, there are 5 people ahead of you" blah blah... I just want something I can hold in m y email.
canonphotowolf: I have to sort my things first before I can make promises and deadlines
Diadexxus: just proof that we talked about it, thats what I mainly want... that you havent forgotten me
canonphotowolf: And does an AIM convo not suffice?
Diadexxus: it doesnt date it.
canonphotowolf: Well YOU know we talked, no?
canonphotowolf: I'm rather leery because I've had folks twist my arm before into saying something to appease them when I myself do not even HAVE an estimate of when things will be done
Diadexxus: I wont remember the date
canonphotowolf: Does it matter? We're talking and I have let you know that you're not forgotten and never were, however my life is not steady now and I can make no promises of dates or of when things will happen until I get back on my feet, and I have no clue when that will be sadly :/
* Diadexxus is extremely upset over this.. I hate being left with an empty bag
canonphotowolf: Well I'm extremely upset about my own situation right now as well and I do not want to make a promise I can't keep :/
canonphotowolf: That's understandable, no?
Diadexxus: I have seen you work in person, I am just shocked you cant do a quick bust or badge for Dia...
Diadexxus: or any of my other characters
canonphotowolf: I'll be homeless, I'm flying my pets 1200 miles away because I have nowhere to keep them, and I'm in CC debt and medical bills. It's not easy at the moment for me
Diadexxus: something that wouldnt even take probably 1/2 an hour of your time.... Mike paid 3 years ago.. just, gah.
canonphotowolf: Actually color badges take a good deal when they are not rushed and done outside of a con setting
canonphotowolf: I spend on average 2-4 hours on my badges when I work at home and am not rushed
canonphotowolf: Rest assured when I can I will get to yours.
canonphotowolf: I'm on AIM daily so you can easily prod me for updates
canonphotowolf: I can try to see when I can get it done, although I'm nto sure now, is it a bust sketch, or badge that you want?
Diadexxus: at this point, you choose.
canonphotowolf: It's up to you, since it wont' make a difference on my end really in terms of time and such. It's whatever you will be happiest with
Diadexxus: then make it a badge of Diadexxus .... shes pretty easily to know...
canonphotowolf: okay
Diadexxus: plus, shes only black and white. heh
canonphotowolf: hehe not that there's no color in that ;) White fur is a mix of a ton of hues due to shadows/ reflections/etc
canonphotowolf: That's the beauty in it
Diadexxus: i dont have Dia drawn by you, so it would be nice
canonphotowolf: Really? I could have sworn I had drawn her once before!
canonphotowolf: Maybe as an icon or something smaller?
Diadexxus: oh, Hm, (looks)
Diadexxus: Yep, you have.
canonphotowolf: I don't forget characters easily :)
Diadexxus: heeh no wings, just a white kitty head
canonphotowolf: She's pretty though
canonphotowolf: now that I've been doing more wildlife, I enjoy painting tigers and other felines
Diadexxus: spewing wings down her back, heh
canonphotowolf: Wings are fun, although a pain to draw/paint. Doing wildlife art, I'll be dealing with them a lot!
Diadexxus: Do you know Skadjer?
Diadexxus: (Link: http://us-p.vclart.net/vcl/Artists/Skadjer/Adult/gutentug.jpg)http://us-p.vclart.net/vcl/Artists/Skadjer/Adult/gutentug.jpg how HE knows how to do wings... AND dragons. *smirk* (VERY naughty)
Diadexxus: he is currently doing another piece for me.
canonphotowolf: awesome
Session Close (canonphotowolf): Tue Nov 10 20:35:38 2009 -0800

Session Start (diadexxus:canonphotowolf): Tue Nov 24 18:30:28 2009 -0800
Diadexxus: Hello.
canonphotowolf: Auto-response from canonphotowolf: Rest in peace, Buddy. Feb 2004 - Dec. 16, 2008. I love you
canonphotowolf: hey.
Diadexxus: how goes?
canonphotowolf: ok..you?
Diadexxus: got home from MFF lastnight.
canonphotowolf: cool..have fun?
Diadexxus: yeah... only got a couple dragon drawings... no badges..
canonphotowolf: ah
Session Close (canonphotowolf): Tue Nov 24 19:00:04 2009 -0800

Session Start (diadexxus:canonphotowolf): Tue Nov 24 19:27:56 2009 -0800
Diadexxus: how is the queue going?
canonphotowolf: working through it
Session Close (canonphotowolf): Tue Nov 24 19:50:25 2009 -0800

Session Start (diadexxus:canonphotowolf): Tue Nov 24 20:10:03 2009 -0800
canonphotowolf: hmm...got a Moonbeam ref?
Diadexxus: sure, hold on.
canonphotowolf: I think I'll use that character for the badge since I'm a sucker for glowy things
Diadexxus: (Link: http://dia.critter.net/rsmb/rsmb.htm)http://dia.critter.net/rsmb/rsmb.htm hehe
canonphotowolf: My new badges are a little different in terms of style from my old ones..more refined..is that okay? It will be a slightly different style, but not a bad one
Diadexxus: hehe go for it
canonphotowolf: :)
canonphotowolf: gonna use it as an example for my new badge style which is nicer/more pricy than my old
Diadexxus: heh awesome!
Session Close (canonphotowolf): Tue Nov 24 21:15:16 2009 -0800

Session Start (diadexxus:canonphotowolf): Sun Dec 06 11:07:39 2009 -0800
Diadexxus: *wave*
canonphotowolf: Auto-response from canonphotowolf: Rest in peace, Buddy. Feb 2004 - Dec. 16, 2008. I love you
canonphotowolf: hey
Diadexxus: any news?
canonphotowolf: I just woke up actually..so no, not yet
Session Close (canonphotowolf): Sun Dec 06 11:22:08 2009 -0800

Session Start (diadexxus:canonphotowolf): Thu Dec 24 20:00:14 2009 -0800
Diadexxus: you around?
canonphotowolf: Auto-response from canonphotowolf: Rest in peace, Buddy. Feb 2004 - Dec. 16, 2008. I love you
Session Close (canonphotowolf): Thu Dec 24 20:21:42 2009 -0800

Session Start (diadexxus:canonphotowolf): Wed Dec 30 19:10:41 2009 -0800
canonphotowolf: Hey!
canonphotowolf: Been waiting for you. :D
Diadexxus: hi there, here I am :)
canonphotowolf: I wanted to know if you have any refs of Moonbeam :)
Diadexxus: haha on my website
canonphotowolf: I'm gonna whip up a realism badge for ya, and wanted to do MoonBeam because I'm a sucker for glowies
Diadexxus: (Link: http://dia.critter.net/rsmb/rsmb.htm)http://dia.critter.net/rsmb/rsmb.htm
canonphotowolf: :D
Diadexxus: (Link: http://dia.critter.net/rsmb/finished/rsmb-costumecon2008.jpg)http://dia.critter.net/rsmb/finished/rsmb-costumecon2008.jpg these are the thicker glowies
Diadexxus: (Link: http://dia.critter.net/rsmb/finished/rsmbv2-pro3.jpg)http://dia.critter.net/rsmb/finished/rsmbv2-pro3.jpg
canonphotowolf: awesome, yep those are what I'm looking at
Diadexxus: (Link: http://dia.critter.net/rsmb/finished/pro-moonbeam-butt.jpg)http://dia.critter.net/rsmb/finished/pro-moonbeam-butt.jpg her thinner (older glowies) which I dont like as much heheh
Diadexxus: shows her saber teef
Diadexxus: (Link: http://dia.critter.net/rsmb/misc/rsmbmisc.htm)http://dia.critter.net/rsmb/misc/rsmbmisc.htm here are some drawings and an avatar
Diadexxus: Jax did a TERRIFIC pic of her
canonphotowolf: You'll have a realism one to add to the mix soon :)
Diadexxus: haha killer :) realism, based on... what kind of puppy? O.o hehehe
canonphotowolf: it would be base on a general canid form, really
canonphotowolf: not any specific breed.
canonphotowolf: Sort of a depiction of what the suits would look like if they were living, breathing critters
Diadexxus: hahah thats going to be trippy....
canonphotowolf: :) but awesome, I think
canonphotowolf: It would be like looking at a real version of her
Diadexxus: most likely :) hehe I should pay you to get a matching one for mike / Rockstar
Diadexxus: haha
canonphotowolf: I always loved those characters so much
Diadexxus: :D THanks! Yeah they are my favorites I have made.
Diadexxus: I couldnt have done it without Phil doing the elecronics
canonphotowolf: :) they are well worth it
canonphotowolf: you don't see many glowy suits out there
canonphotowolf: "canonphotowolf (canonphotowolf)" signed off at Wed Dec 30 19:44:02 2009.
Session Close (canonphotowolf): Wed Dec 30 20:54:02 2009 -0800

Session Start (diadexxus:canonphotowolf): Fri Jan 01 23:26:09 2010 -0800
Diadexxus: Hey take a peek! (Link: http://www.livestream.com/troublefree)http://www.livestream.com/troublefree :D
canonphotowolf: Auto-response from canonphotowolf: Rest in peace, Buddy. Feb 2004 - Dec. 16, 2008. I love you
canonphotowolf: oh?
canonphotowolf: what is it?
Diadexxus: a live drawing session of Rockstar and Moonbeam by Troublefree
canonphotowolf: awesome
canonphotowolf: "canonphotowolf (canonphotowolf)" signed off at Sat Jan 02 00:03:06 2010.
Session Close (canonphotowolf): Sat Jan 02 00:03:24 2010 -0800

Session Start (diadexxus:canonphotowolf): Sun Jan 03 21:00:42 2010 -0800
Diadexxus: hehe she finished it! (Link: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/3219737/)http://www.furaffinity.net/view/3219737/
canonphotowolf: Auto-response from canonphotowolf: Rest in peace, Buddy. Feb 2004 - Dec. 16, 2008. I love you
canonphotowolf: awesome :D
Session Close (canonphotowolf): Sun Jan 03 21:26:37 2010 -0800

Session Start (diadexxus:canonphotowolf): Tue Jan 05 19:20:35 2010 -0800
Diadexxus: boO! Happy New Year
canonphotowolf: Auto-response from canonphotowolf: Rest in peace, Buddy. Feb 2004 - Dec. 16, 2008. I love you
canonphotowolf: heyy.
canonphotowolf: "canonphotowolf (canonphotowolf)" signed off at Tue Jan 05 20:25:48 2010.
Session Close (canonphotowolf): Tue Jan 05 20:40:18 2010 -0800

Session Start (diadexxus:canonphotowolf): Sun Jan 31 16:49:52 2010 -0800
Diadexxus: how did you do at FC? (Evehtough yo uwerent there)?
canonphotowolf: Auto-response from canonphotowolf: Rest in peace, Buddy. Feb 2004 - Dec. 16, 2008. I love you
canonphotowolf: Pretty poorly, actually :/
Diadexxus: yeah its a bad year to sell it sounds like.
canonphotowolf: yeah
canonphotowolf: I won't be doing cons anymore anyhow
Diadexxus: never? Hm.
Diadexxus: too bad, FC was really fun
canonphotowolf: not worth it..
Session Close (canonphotowolf): Sun Jan 31 17:50:50 2010 -0800

Session Start (diadexxus:canonphotowolf): Wed Jun 09 18:43:24 2010 -0700
Diadexxus: (Link: http://community.livejournal.com/artists_beware/333643.html?view=10357579#t10357579)http://community.livejournal.com/artists_beware/333643.html?view=10357579#t10357579 should probably read...
canonphotowolf: why should I read it? I have my own problems, had a rocky past 7 months.
Diadexxus: welp.... You have been paid, so you should still do commissions... right?
Diadexxus: I would "REALLY" like my sketch from you, just to get it off my plate.. but if you would rather return my money.. thats fine as well.
Session Close (canonphotowolf): Wed Jun 09 23:43:37 2010 -0700

Session Start (diadexxus:canonphotowolf): Mon Jun 28 20:01:31 2010 -0700
Diadexxus: Dude, you are doing more commissions before finishing things? WHat happened to mine you said was going to be done "soon" months ago?
canonphotowolf: you're on the backlog list
canonphotowolf: but I need to pay bills, don't I?
canonphotowolf: Or am I supposed to go broke, go to collections, and fuck up my credit?
canonphotowolf: not everyone has a secure job like you do. :/
canonphotowolf: some of us struggle and are in perpetual shit all the time
Diadexxus: Did you just delete (Link: http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/1512327/)http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/1512327/ ?
canonphotowolf: to keep people from commenting further, since slots are filled. You're on the list though, so what does it matter? You'll have yours this week, as I have a plan to finish my backlog stuff.
Diadexxus: Where is this list posted?
canonphotowolf: What list?
Diadexxus: The list you say I am on!!!
canonphotowolf: it's not posted, it's in my own documents on my system. I don't post my lists
canonphotowolf: 'the list' means what I plan to get done today from my backlog
Diadexxus: why not so we know where we are on in Queue?
canonphotowolf: rather, this week
canonphotowolf: because the queue is fluid and I shift things around, re group, etc. When I put a list, people bitch if person D on the list gets done before person A (they assume the list is in order)
canonphotowolf: I've got you down though for a bust sketch of Dia
canonphotowolf: unless you wish to change that to some other character?
Diadexxus: at this point I will take anything
Diadexxus: do you have an ETA on when I can get this so I can take it OFF my plate after 4 years?
canonphotowolf: *sigh* well is that what you want, or no?
canonphotowolf: If you're going to get on my case this much, I'll cram it out sometime TONIGHT.
Diadexxus: I would appreciate it actually.
canonphotowolf: but just ease up on me. I lost one home and now we're facing eviction from the mobile home too
Diadexxus: you said months ago that you were going to whip something up but never gave me anything
canonphotowolf: I'm going to end up on the fucking STREETS. I take on commissions because I need to survive, pay bills, etc
canonphotowolf: as it is, we live like fucking rats in a box here and are facing the daily threat of losing said box.
canonphotowolf: you wouldn't know ANYTHING about how this is, and be fucking thankful for that. You don't want the life I lead
Diadexxus: well just throw something together worth the $30 that Igor paid you and we will be done, you will NEVER hear from me ever again, I promise you
Diadexxus: You are right, I dont want your life,. I like mine.
canonphotowolf: well then, cut me a break when you see me taking on work. I don't take it on because I love being told how to draw and what to draw, I take it on so I can live
Diadexxus: well you offered to do it tonight, I am taking that offer, please.
Diadexxus: then you will NEVER hear from me again, as I said.
canonphotowolf: the only reason I open up for new commissions is because I am in financial need. So you jumping down my throat about it bothers me, honestly
Diadexxus: You can do Dia, or any of my other characters... as I said, anything at this point would be nice.
Diadexxus: And it bothers me that you have made me wait 4 YEARS for a $30 commission.
Diadexxus: Do you think its fair? I sure dont. Just please,do something and I promise I will not talk to you anymore
canonphotowolf: and actually, shouldn't this be IGOR's issue, since he paid?
Diadexxus: No because he bought it FOR me
Diadexxus: and I never got it
Diadexxus: it was a present
canonphotowolf: but ultimately he was the one who paid, so really it's between me and him. But, regardless, I'll bump your sketch to sometime tonight (do note my 'tonight' means between now and 6AM)
Diadexxus: Fine, email it when done, dia@critter.net Thank you.
canonphotowolf: okay. I'll add some extra details to make it nice and, hopefully, more worth the wait
Diadexxus: I would appreciate it.
canonphotowolf: do you still have Sgt. Benton? I remember enjoying that character
Diadexxus: I do not have that character anymore
canonphotowolf: ah, who's your current lineup?
Diadexxus: (Link: http://dia.critter.net/)http://dia.critter.net/ plus this dragon (Link: http://diadexxus.livejournal.com/567660.html)http://diadexxus.livejournal.com/567660.html
Diadexxus: who has flying goggles and flight gear on
Diadexxus: I JUST got this awesome version of Moonbeam yesterday: (Link: http://pics.livejournal.com/diadexxus/pic/000f6kft)http://pics.livejournal.com/diadexxus/pic/000f6kft
canonphotowolf: Awesome, I'll pick through those. Moonbeam is definitely a favorite though
canonphotowolf: I may do more than one, if you feel that would make up for the wait?
Diadexxus: Moonbeam would be fine
Diadexxus: Yes, that would definitely make up for the wait .
canonphotowolf: :) then I'll pick a few favorites and do that
canonphotowolf: and I don;t want us to have animosity between us or anything
canonphotowolf: life's dealt me a ton of shit for the past few years and has been a downward slope, so I tend to be a bit testy, that's all
Diadexxus: Ok, I will forward to tomorrows email... dia@critter.net
Diadexxus: if it gives you grieve diadexxus@yahoo.com either works
Tags: artist-starfinder/-star-/astray/kannos, beware, resolved
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