Krat (quaidezmaster) wrote in artists_beware,

I hope this doesn't come off as a ridiculous post but, I've never really dealt with something like this before, so I'm curious as to get other people's opinion about this (since I'm still pretty new to getting commissions).
Yesterday someone posted a journal about how they're in a dire financial situation and how they can't find a job. They also mention how they're borrowing money in order to stay afloat.
Today they've sent me a note asking me for a commission. Now, I don't know how what type of commission he wants and my work ranges from $5-$25.
I'm wondering, should I not accept a commission from someone who has already mentioned that they're financially unstable?

This does not seem like the Allan incidents, since said person is not taking donations from anyone. So, while I don't know if they're making up the story for attention, I can assume that they're at least not making it up to get money.

Also, they've had a pretty good history of giving me payment, so I'm not really so much worried about getting payment so much as I don't want to enable a bad financial situation to get worse.

Note- Apologies for the lack of tag. For some reason, LJ isn't allowing me to add tags to the entry for some reason. :/
Tags: advice for artists, discussion

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