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Lost Contact/ Beware RavynWolf

On September 24th of last year I bought an ATC of Squirtle from a TeenyCom poster by the name of RavynWolf. (Original post here:

After I sent the payment I received no response from the artist, despite having messaged them several times. Photobucket

I was quite busy at the time and after writing it down in my commissions log that I keep I forgot all about it. A couple months later (probably January 2010) I messaged them again on LJ with no response.

I kind of figured, "eh, it was $5.25 and I'm not getting it back, best move on" but today on deviant art, I saw someone post a commission for ravynwolf.

I'm not sure if the commissioner ravynwolf on DA is the same as ravynwolf on LJ, but it leads me to wonder if this person has taken other people's money and then bought commissions with them.

I know there isn't much I can do for my situation, but I wanted to warn both commissioners and artists of this person. Any advice is welcome. I'd also like to try and contact the artist if anyone has a way of contacting them.

Edit: I think I tried emailing them using the email provided on the user info/ paypal description, but I deleted a lot of old emails and can't find it XD So I'm re doing that now.
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