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Beware: Jessica Elwood (Resolved)

Hello Everyone. I am making this post for those who have commissioned, or are thinking about commissioning Jessica Elwood. As of July 8, 2010, i will have waited 22 months for a commission i have purchased from her with no results to show. Yes, i originally ordered and paid the commission from her on September 8th, 2008.

EDIT: Sorry about that everyone, im a LJ noob, didnt know about the cut tag ._. its fixed now!

EDIT 2: Jessica Elwood has refunded me my money in full, and has even gotten me the sketch to my original commission done which can be seen here:

Really, the sketch looks good i think. I think it would look good colored up. But at this point, i have my money back, and i am no longer going to pursue Jess to finish the image. If she does decide to color it in the end, then that's her decision.

Here is my original commission request, along with some prices that Jess had quoted

Here is Jessica quoting me the paypal address to use

Removed due to people harassing the receiver

And here is the receipt from paypal proving that i indeed paid her to the email address that was provided

Removed due to people harassing the receiver

Now I'm usually patient when it comes to art. I know these things can take time, and i understand that RL things can happen, so normally when i commission someone, i usually allow a few months leeway before i go asking an artist for an update on things.

In the case with Jess, i waited 3 months before i went asking for a status update on my commission. I sent her a note on Jan 8th of 2009 asking for a commission update. This note was read but ignored.

I then waited another 3 months before i went asking for an update on my commission... Because i can understand people get busy sometimes, so the first time around i shrugged the ignored note off, and hoped for a response this time. This note was sent on March 8th of 2009, Note that i actually ask her to respond this time.

This note was also read and ignored, so instead of waiting another 3 months, a week later i try again on the 14th of March.

This time though i finally get a response from Jess

"It'll be done this month." Okay, i was happy for the moment. She responded to me, and said it would be done by the end of the month. So i was happy, right up until she posts a journal saying her PC got fried

Again, an understandable RL issue that happens. Stuff happens, i realize, so i lay off her for a while, and let her get back into gear. It was at the 10 month mark now that i decided to try and note her again, so on July 8th of 2009, i sent her this note to try and ask for a status update.

Which, to my surprise, she had actually sent me a reply the same day. This was her reply to me:

... Okay, what??? Can anyone please tell me what artist finishes a commission... and then doesnt deliver it to the commissioner? <.< It was this reply that really started to make the warning bells go off in my head that something was wrong. But i was being optimistic at the time, and maybe perhaps she did in fact have it done, and it was sitting on her computer somewhere, so i simply just sent a reply copying and pasting our original notes from before with all the commission information in it.

Now heres the funny part... To this day, that note has not even been read on FA. The following is a screenshot of my FA outbox, screencapped on July 3rd 2010 showing that my note sent on July 9th of 2009 has not been read.

At this point also, it looks like Jess has made a vanishing act from both FA, and Deviantart. No submissions, no favorites, no journals, no nothing... Well i think im out of luck.

It just so happened that i was browsing the Katbox forum one day a couple months later that whos username should i just so happen to see having recently posted? Yes, Jess was there on the Katbox forum, and she had been quite active there apparently. So i decided to drop her a note there to see if i could get some answers from her.

(At the time of my first note, i did not know that in the PM system, you actually had to have an option checked to save notes to the outbox, so my first note was not saved)

I had sent Jess a note the first time, simply asking for a refund, because at that point, it was just about a year since i had paid for the commission, and hadnt heard about anything. She sent me a reply asking if i would still accept the art. I debated on whether or not i should still try and accept it, or take the money and run, but since i really liked Jessica's art a lot, i decided to give her another chance.

She even offered to give me a deadline, which i thought was really nice of her

Of course, come september 19th, i hadnt heard anything from her, so on September 20th (We are now over one year at this point) I send her a note again asking for a status update.

That first note was ignored, so about a week later, on the 25th of September, i send her another note asking her for an update, hoping maybe this time she will respond... with no luck.

So now we're getting into October, well past the Sept 19th deadline, with no replies or status updates, nothing at all. On the Katbox forum, you can check up on users to see whos active or not, and the whole time Jess had been active pretty much daily.

I sent her a couple more notes trying to get her attention, both of which, again, were ignored. So now im up to 4 notes unanswered.

At this point, i have no more patience, as now we've gotten into the 13 month mark, and Jess hasnt been able to show me a thing, so i send her another note on the Katbox forum, wondering whats up.

I may have been a little rough with this note, but at this point, can you blame me?

so finally, FINALLY, she sends me a reply.

So she was waiting until she had something to show me... I had given her 4 weeks to start off with to do the image, and was even giving her a little extra time to try and show me something, even just a sketch, but from Aug 22nd - Oct 8th 2009, she hadnt done anything?? At this point i was very frustrated, but i must be a glutton for punishment, because i actually did give her the chance at one more week...

Now admittedly, i did see an email a couple days later, but i was so tired and sleepy the morning that i was checking my emails, that this email had shown up in my spam folder, and i emptied it out before realizing that one of them had a subject of "Your commission."

So, thinking that Jess actually had sent me something, i sent her a quick note on the Katbox forum asking if she sent it, and if she did, could she please resend it.

Which... She must have ignored that note entirely, because 2 days later, she sends me this note

So of course, i send a reply saying that i hadnt received it, and pretty much requoted my original note from 2 days prior.

Now... You'll get to see a perfect example of Jessica Elwood's lack of communication skills here, because it shouldnt be that hard to resend an email right? I checked my spam folder every day, hoping i would see a similar email pop up. Every couple of days, i would poke Jess to see if she could resend her email.

October 16th, Still no email or note reply...

October 19th, Stillllll havent heard anything...

October 22nd, Nothing yet...

October 27th, and yet another note i send to her

so now FINALLY, she sends me this reply on the Katbox forum on the 27th of October

... really? Only 2 emails? Im pretty sure i had sent her a lot more notes than that telling her that i had not received any emails... and i had been keeping close tabs on my spam folder for any commission related emails, and saw none.

ok, so i send her another note, this time maybe trying to suggest new means of getting these sketches to me... I even suggest Imageshack or Photobucket for her to use. those are simple to use right?

So she informs me that it was some sketches she had done up for me. So okay, it shouldnt be that hard to find a way to get them to me? Once again, i try and drill it into her that she can use imageshack, or another photo hosting site to use to upload them instead of trying to use email which doesnt seem to work.

Keep in mind, the date is now November 3rd of 2009

annnnnnd then she decides that she's going to ignore me once again, so a few days later, i send her a note on November 7th, once again trying to hit the point to her that imageshack and photobucket are great alternatives to email...

Once again, this email is ignored, and i send her another note giving her a little piece of my mind, while trying to stay civil about things. This was sent about a week later on the 13th of November.

and then finally she sends me a reply on the same day, the 13th with this response.

... Okay, so she has some more RL issues to deal with apparently. Okay, so she says that she is going to have a computer screen again, and that she'll even offer me 2-3 extra pictures as compensation for the amount of time this has taken? well all righty, i guess its fair, so i send her a note with some descriptions of a few extra pictures that i wouldnt mind seeing

I even decided to give her a little extra time since i wasnt expecting her to get a monitor and be able to do sketches for all the commissions that fast, so i gave her a little bit of extra time. I sent a note checking up on her on the 26th of November

She did send me a response real quick, which was nice.

But i think I had heard that story before... But Jess had been posting a fair bit of artwork around DA, and a lot of her submissions were showing up on SexyFur, and i hadnt heard from her in a few weeks, so on the 15th of December 2009 i send her another note.

I never got a reply to that note, so shortly after Christmas, i sent her another note giving her another piece of my mind, again, trying to be civil, because really im a nice guy.

This time i do get a reply from her, saying that the holidays have been rough on her... okay... But she does offer me a deadline of January 6th to have something to show me. By this point, i feel like ive heard this song on repeat for quite a while now.

but wouldnt you know it? Jan 6 comes and goes, and on Jan 7th of 2010, i send her a note reminding her that the deadline is now past, and if nothing is done by this point, that i would like a refund.

She does send me a reply, but not one that made me very happy. She said things had been "hectic" and that she didnt have time to explain anything... Well, at this point, my patience is lost, and this time, i really give her a firm piece of mind.

That was the first time that i came close to coming here to Artists Beware about Jessica Elwood, BUT...

Theres a 'but...'

to my amazment, before the January 23rd deadline, she actually got in touch with me, and gave me a couple sketches...

but... (yes, there is another but...)

The sketches she gave me were neither of the original commission, nor any of the 3 compensation images i had asked for. Instead, the sketches she gave me seemed like half assed renditions of pictures she had previously posted elsewhere

NSFW link:

Ok, so she gave me some sketches though... Maybe there was some hope after all? But really, at this point i was starting to get tired of chasing...

I had left a shout on her FA page on May 1st of 2010 asking if she had forgotten about my commission again, to which she sent me a note replay with this on the same day

All righty, so maybe she hadnt forgotten, but by this point, i hadnt really gotten my hopes up. Although she did get my hopes up a little bit, as a few days later she sent me another note asking a question about my original commission:

ok, so maybe it was being worked on after all? and hey, she even sent me a note a week later again asking about my commission, and that she would send the sketch the following week? Well all right!

But, that sketch never did come... and she had been posting more and more artwork both on DA and FA, and on one submission she said commissions were coming soon, and then she sent me a note on June the 10th:

However, we are now July 3rd, 2010... i have still not seen any sketches or anything... Jess managed to get in touch with me via MSN messenger while i was offline and left me this little message.

26/06/2010 1:15:22 PM Jess (DD64)(D) Hello?
26/06/2010 1:15:28 PM Jess (DD64)(D) ack you are away! :(
26/06/2010 1:17:07 PM Jess (DD64)(D) I just wanted to tell you this. I want to push myself to be a better artist for my clients. So I want to finish and deliver your commission by this coming friday or I will get you a refund. Also, I want to draw you a compensation picture of anything you want. Is that ok?
26/06/2010 1:17:18 PM Jess (DD64)(D) Note me back in FA ?

So she wants to draw another compensation picture... well okay, i send her a note on FA saying what i would like for a compensation picture:

Well it is now Saturday, Friday has passed, and there is no sign of Ms Jess Elwood anywhere... I am doing this Artists Beware post at the advice of some other artists that i had talked to down at Anthrocon.

So Jess, if you are reading this, i am sorry, but ive had enough :/ 22 months is far too long, and i have not seen either my original commission, or any of the 4 compensation images you have promised.

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