murdercrow (murdercrow) wrote in artists_beware,

RESOLVED: Badge from Starfinder/-Star-/Astray/Kannos

So while I was out at AC over the weekend, the badge I commissioned arrived and I am definitely happy with it. I'll have to get a card holder/laminate it so that I can attach a clip to it but that's hardly a big deal. So all in all, I am happily marking this issue as resolved.

As an aside, I've also been speaking with her over notes/IMs for a while about the other issues that have been brought up by other people, and she requested that I let everybody know that if you have an outstanding commission with her, that you should politely (emphasis hers) send her a note on FA regarding said commission.

I hope everybody else manages to get their issue resolved as I have mine, and I bid everybody adieu. =3
Tags: artist-starfinder/-star-/astray/kannos, resolved

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