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This is bit of an inquiry.

This situation has been brought up on another site, and I decided to bring it up here, as it has been apparently ongoing for a few years. I am not sure if artists are aware that their  work is being resold or the complete legal issues involving this case. 

A user is selling wanted posers and gaming cards featuring the work of artists, 6 and 10 dollars respectively. Several of the commissions featuring art drawn by the commissioners themselves (so no legal issues), but I notice a handful of pieces featuring art not by the commissioners, but previous commissions from other artists.

Initially the user in question was not giving the artists in question full credit, and has started typing in the description who originally did the picture, which begs the question has she asked the artists?

Examples (SOME ARE NSFW) (Original artist Dark Natasha) She has deleted this entry, however, her commissioner reuploaded it: and here the journal specifying he did in fact buy it: (Original artist Pandor Aalkima)

Card example:  Original artist and piece:

I'm willing to dig up more examples.


Is this legal?
Is the commissioner allowed to "rebuy" a piece in the form of a card/poster?
Are the artists aware? Have they been asked? 

EDIT: I would advise NOT doing business with this woman, here's her unproffessional response:

UM wow:   She has deleted this journal: here is the screenshot.

She is still going to do her wanted posters. Anyone who warned her about selling other peoples' art is a "troll". 

EDIT 2: She has deleted all wanted posters featuring art of other users. There is no mention if she refunded back the commissioners in her journals, or asked the original artists if she could the artpieces. Her attitude however remains very poor:


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