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Mind Games/Bloodrox

I have been very reluctant to post this here until now, as I am getting rather irritated and upset with the whole affiar and would like some advice on the issue.

On the 9th of July 2008 I got a reply from Bloodrox of dA (Mind Games on Furcadia) accepting an art commission, the commission was quite substatial work wise, but the payment was worth it.
(Wolviean(sp?) for life, Tris for Life and a Phoenix for life.)
These are items for a chat based game called Furcadia to improve your avatar. I would guess that they are worth about $150 possibly a little more? Not overly certain as I've not been on furcadia now for some time.

The commission was for:
An Icon
4 Detailed Images
4 Flat coloured images

At first the commission went well, I got the icon that was promised and a few sketches too approve, which I very quickly did. I log into dA everyday (5/8) (12th July)

However, things went down hill from there, it took a while for me to get a single final image, (20th August 2008) I can understand this is a normal amount of time to wait for an image, but from then contact seemed to cease and as the commission was rather large I go rather worried and asked for a fair amount of updates, maybe I was a little too pressuring, when it came to (9th October 2008)  I asked for an update and was promised that verything was being worked on, thats fine with me. Time went by, a month later (9th November) I asked for another update, most of her galler had gone at this point, and was asked again or the refs of my characters... fair enough people loose things, so I linked to my VCL and wished her luck with finishing,
10 days later nothing occured, no contact or updates or anything so I asked for a refund, as by this point I was really worried that she had gone/left dA, in the 23rd of November 2008, I recieved a piece of artwork that was sub-standard and obviously rushed compared to the rest of their artwork

On the 10th of Deceber 2008 I asked again for a refund on what hadn't been completed and on the 11th she agreedto get some digo's for me and asked me to pick some out, I repled telling her that I wasn't to worried about what items I got and told her to take advantage of the sales on at the time. she couldn't give me the original items back because she had either sold them or traded them off.
Since that time I was told that she was in a car accident, wasn't hurt, but needed the money for the car. Since that time she has completely vanished and I am totally unable to find her on the internet as she upped and removed everything from her dA account. This was 67 weeks ago according to dA

Im unsure on what to do now as I have no way of contacting her through dA or through Furcadia as she has changed her username on there. I have even tried contacting those that she did a bit of gift art for to see if they still know of her, but that prooved to be a dead end as well.

I would appreciate any advice/thoughts, or if anyone knows where they have gone I would appreciate that too.

I thought I would put this link in as it is the only remainder that I know of their art online.;su=user;cat=1065;u=1189

Never know, someone may recognise it.
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