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Another Darzi post...

In April of 2009 I bought a commission for a fursuit foam head from Darzi VIA furbid. At the time, she had nothing but positive feedback and did not have the less then reputable reputation that she has now. At the time, I was getting ready to get married and move to Canada and she was very good to respond and even offered to ship the head to my new place in Canada for no extra charge.

Her responses to my e-mails were usually very quick, and about a month later she sent me links to finished pictures of the foam base on FurAffinity.

Unfortunately, the pictures have long since been deleted and I don't seem to have them anywhere on my computer so a cap of the e-mail she sent me will have to do. But I will tell you that the pictures she sent me were very beautiful and I was very, very happy with what I saw. It even had a moving jaw... which I didn't expect! I couldn't wait to get it and start furring the head!

So I wait... and I wait... and I wait. Nothing comes in the mail.


So in the August/September time period I'm really wondering what's up. I sent her an e-mail asking her if the head has been sent. No response. Sent her another one around January. No response.

I chalked it up to the head getting lost at customs or with Canada Post, since in the short amount of time I've already been living there, I already had issues with the local postal service and just let it go...

... until someone posted this thread in the fursuit auctions community back in March wondering where Darzi was because they couldn't get ahold of her either.

I responded that they weren't the only one having issues with Darzi and gave a brief description of what went on with my experience. It wasn't long before Darzi responded saying that she was having medical problems and hasen't been able to respond to e-mails lately. I gave her my e-mail address again so she could let me know what's going on.

A few days later I received a "bulk" e-mail that she's sent to all the client she owed suits to with a personalized message on the end.

A few days afterwards, she sends me another e-mail saying that it will be in the mail on Tuesday. I responded with a simple "thank you" and "I can't wait to get it".

I wait... and wait... and wait. Nothing.

About a month later I receive another e-mail saying that she no longer uses plastic mesh in her suits so she offered to make me a new head base as well as send me the first one she made if I could wait until June.

Since I had long since given up on the idea of receiving my head anyways, I said okay and gave her my measurements... but in retrospect I probably should have said "Don't make me a new one! Just send me the damn head!".

A few days later I sent her an e-mail saying that if she wanted to send the original head that she made, then she could send it to my parent's house back in the US to save on shipping since I was going to go visit them late that month.

No response.

So here it is... the end of June 2010 and I STILL haven't heard anything about my foam head base that was finished over a year ago. Normally I'd try sending her another e-mail around this time, but since the only time she seems to respond is when someone posts a beware post about her, I'm going straight here instead.

Don't get me wrong...
I feel bad for the girl (sort of) and I think this is a case of taking on more commissions then she could handle, but still... it's been over a year since it was finished. It should have been in my hands long ago. >:(
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