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Warning: BooBooBunnyGirl/Rachel

Original Post, which will be edited with names:

When we last left our heroes, the deadline of a week before AC was given. In a week, the con will be starting and I still have not heard hide nor hair from Booboo. In that time, she's uploaded pictures of a fursuit head, which like the iPad, I have no proof she paid for, but no proof she DIDN'T pay for.

At this time I'm notifying her of this entry and telling her that at this point, I have not seen any work done and that I will not take anything but a full refund, since I have no proof that work has been done. She's had almost a year to complete 2 badges and to show that work has been done, and she has done neither.

I will also be contacting AC's Artist Alley and notifying them of this entry. As far as I'm concerned, she has had every opportunity to prove herself and has done little to nothing in the way of doing so. I don't feel bad doing this anymore, as it's necessary to keep her from ripping off anyone else.

UPDATA: I have received a refund from the artist. Mods, please mark the two entries as resolved.
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