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Not much of an update except to ask- does anyone know if she's active anywhere other than deviantart right now?

In the past she's been pretty sneaky of crying "omg, you guys hate me, I'm never using (some site) again" and promptly switching to just another site where she rips off even more people.

Last contact I had with her was her DA page 6 months ago, one of the plush commissions:

* I commented that: so i guess back in March of 2009 you have forgotten that you said you were NEVER going to take more commissions until the people you ripped off had been refunded?
* She said: I don't
* I replied: ok. still looking forward to my finished plush and/or refund.

and she never replied. Of course.

I still doubt that that fox was not a new commission as she's also done THAT before: claimed to never take another new commission until her HUGE backlog was done and then... taken new commissions! As if we wouldn't notice?

Oh, for those in the dark- here are two other posts about her from a_b. So aside from "updating" the situation also consider it a "new" warning to anyone new around here. She stole $400 from me, don't let her take your money too. She's also taken from other people but now as her mailing list is deleted it's hard to track those folk down, unless they've since come here?
Tags: artist-blaquetygriss, beware
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