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Starfinder/-Star-/Astray/Kannos (Again)

Well, it's a shame I didn't know about this place, or this artists reputation prior. Counting the recent entry by Murdercrow on the 8th in this very community the presently outstanding, prepaid value of artwork that I'm aware of that Star owes people is $550 USD split between 3 individuals (This would include Mudercrow's $30 con badge and the commissions owed to myself and another party).

I'm presently asking anyone who is owed art by Star that they have actually paid for contact me on FurAffinity here:

Please provide a simple note of the following:
-The amount you paid up front
-The date the payment was made and when the artwork was to be due by
-If you are willing to allow me to post this information and what specifics you will allow to be publicly posted.
-If you have records of notes, IMs, PMs or any other communication with the artist in question.

If need be I fully intend to look at the options available in regards to legal action, but I would much prefer negotiating either a refund to all those owed, or failing that having Star own up to all her outstanding, prepaid commissions.

Doubly so considering this artist is constantly accepting new commissions, and doing said new commissions before doing her outstanding ones. Everyone goes through hard times, hell I spent a year and a half on the street myself. That's not an excuse to treat people the way this artist has, and I for one don't intend to idly sit by.

Update: I've since been contacted on FA by at least one other individual bringing the total of outstanding work/prints etc to $708 USD that goes back as far as 2006. I must note however that my own issues do not date back anywhere near as far.

1 Issue resolved: Oustanding total is now 678

Edit Nov 26/2010:
So all the issues that I'm aware of were resolved save mine so far. Friend of mine who commissioned her got a drawing, though not the one he was supposed to have. He decided however to just cut his losses and accept what he got, and by all means that's his choice.

The only thing I've seen so far out of her in regards to mine was an extremely crude sketch that Arinmal had pointed me towards. The layout would actually be pretty good if she finished it in the degree of quality she puts into even half her work. All said and done, I honestly wish I'd given the money to a more worthy artist such as Strype who was very good to work with (And cost me less to boot)
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