Kashmir Dreams (lil_kitty_angel) wrote in artists_beware,
Kashmir Dreams

Awesome artist needs recognition

I know this is a place to "beware" of artists but I just wanted to make people "aware" of this awesome one X3

The artist is CuddlyDeadKitten/GraveRobber

I've gotten several pieces from her, traditional (that's all she offers) which I feel is becoming a dying breed when it comes to art anymore. First of all, her prices compared to other traditional works I've seen are amazing. She also likes to try to have promotions monthly for commissioners :)

She ALWAYS has completed everything in a timely manor and sends you a WIP picture and is completely willing to correct any mistakes she may have made or make any changes. She even completely re-sketched a picture because she didn't like it even though I saw nothing wrong with it X3

And, she also treats her commissioners extremely well (and makes them feel valued) by sneaking you in little gifts if you commission her regularly. Not to mention the pictures in person are usually HUGE (so are the badges, very well worth the price). She does charge additional shipping to mail you the work but it's very reasonable :3

I keep going back to her to get more art just because I love the service she provides me. It's really a pleasure working with her.

Tags: artist-cuddlydeadkitten/graverobber, positive feedback

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