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Commissioner - contact problems - FoxxyFire

So back last August I took a fursuit commission from Foxxyfire, aka Kyle Foxalope. This was done in person, so I really don't have any screen shots, but I'll give ya what I can.

I had gotten into a car accident, and was in need of some cash, and being an aquatint (not really a friend, but I knew the guy) he offered to get his partial suit from me to help me out, and to get a lower priced suit. I offered to do it for $400 if he'd give me a pair of shoes so I didn't have to order them. He went right to the ATM, and paid me all up front, $400. Now I don't usually take all up front, but he insisted, and I really did need the money. Besides, I know everyone he knows, and figured there wouldn't be any problems. No due date was given, he just said he'd take it when I was done.

This was all at a local fur-meet that we did weekly. He said he'd bring me a pair of shoes at the next meet. He told me for weeks that he'd bring them "next week". Well, he never did, and the weekly meets started to die, and everyone stopped going, him and myself included.

So a couple months after, me and Furbrications, who was working with me at the time, had his suit pretty well under way. SHE gets a call from him saying he wanted ME to come pick up his shoes. (He didn't contact me, he contacted my friend, who had nothing to do with the original commission, she was just over working with me.) I lived on the other side of town, and having no job, didn't have money to get myself there. She told him he could come drop them off instead, and that we would be there when he arrived. He agreed and said he'd be on his way. About an hour later we get a call saying he wont come drop them off, that he was going to mail them instead. I said that was fine, and he said he'd send them right away. We never got them.

So another month goes by and he calls HER again. "hey come pick up my shoes". We need to remind him of our last conversation, and he insists that we come get them. I have no way to. I really don't. She asks him again to bring them over or to mail them. He agrees and says we'll have them soon. Still no.

So sometime in March I started working on his suit again. I wanted to update him on it and ask about said shoes, so I send him a note on FA.

note I sent - http://i462.photobucket.com/albums/qq345/onai-wolfwind/kylenote1.jpg

The note says it's been read, but I have no reply from him. So I send him another one asking if he got the first.

second note - http://i462.photobucket.com/albums/qq345/onai-wolfwind/kylenote2.jpg

Again, this one is sitting in my out box, saying he's read it but with no response. I shouted on his page but those just go ignored as well. I'm not sure if they've been bumped off his page or deleted, but they're not there anymore.

So, a few weeks ago, before Elliottts Spring Gathering, I get a call from another friend asking if her suit would be done for ESG. So we get talking about it, and she says she's rooming with Kyle. I asked her why he hasn't contacted me about the suit, and that if he had just done so in the first place, I would have his suit done for this earlier event instead. She says she'll talk to him about it. I get a call a bit later from her saying he's been calling Furbrications in an attempt to get a hold of me, and sending me notes and calling me, but he can't get a hold of me. Which is just bs, because I've been trying to contact him with no luck. So she gives me a message from him asking if he can have the suit by Elliotts if he brings the shoes. This i 4 days before the event. I said I'll do what I can, but I didn't get the suit finished. I didn't even end up going, because I got a few dates messed up, and my fiance was going away that weekend, and I had no way to get there.

I texted him apologizing and telling him what happened, and that he gave me too short a notice, but I don't know if he got the message or not. I got no response. I still haven't heard anything from him. I just want to get his suit done and out of my hands! I have the head, hands ant tail done already. But I can't get an address or anything out of him. I guess my best bet is to just bring it to Megaplex and hope he's there?

((((Another example of lost contact from him, this isn't my story but I was along for the ride, but, Furbrications was doing a reversible hoodie commission for him. He bought some, but not all, the materials as part of the payment. He didn't get enough, so she asked him to get more or pay her the rest so she could complete it. He never got her fabric or money, and he kept asking her where his hoodie is. Now he wont contact her about it, and she still doesn't have the materials or money to finish it.))))
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