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Compling a list of trusted artists going to AC

With the largest furry convention in the world right around the corner, I've noticed a flood of posts about bad commission experiences on this community. In order to assuage the amount of scams, theft, or no art accounts from this year's AC, I came up with an idea to start compiling a list of good, trusted artists going to Anthrocon this year. This way patrons will have a reference of people that have good reputations and will deliver services rendered.

I plan on posting this on anthrocon to further get the word out to commissioners about artists. The way I see it, artists who do not deliver art they are paid to hurt all of us, especially at cons. The commissioner who doesn't receive their art will be less likely to commission art in the future, therefore withdrawing that small bit of extra revenue from the furry art commission circuit. The Furry fandom thrives on its artist economy in ways few other fandoms can match, and being we have so many talented artists in the fandom that depend on selling their art as their main or supplementary income, its important that we all make an effort to ensure follow-through in furry artists that are commissioned.

I've started a post over at artistrecommend listing some good and responsible artists going to Anthrocon. Feel free to post there regarding trusted artists you can vouch for going to Anthrocon. Also check out some of the tagged artists in the community. You're welcomed to post you positive Anthrocon artist experience on here, however it will be easier to publicize good artists if we have a consolidated post where Anthrocon attendees can reference.

In all hopes with these efforts, we'll see less reports of artists not delivering work, and provided some more publicity for honest artists.
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