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So at Anthrocon I comissioned an artist in the alley for a sketchbook sketch; wasn't much, just $30 I think. By the end of the con they had not gotten to it yet, had not called me and I couldn't find them on Monday morning before I had to get on the road for home. I sent them a note on FA with my mailing address and a week after AC got a note back:

Sorry about that. I had a few complications that morning.
I'll mail it A.S.A.P.
I'm down once I get my computer back up. I'll post some stuff to show it's back online.

A month goes by, I send them another note, no response. I send them one three months later, no response. Their FA account is dormant too. I have a busy year and things slip by. The next Anthrocon rolls around and I cannot find the artist there at all. Their FA account becomes active again and I send them another note asking for the sketchbook back, and if they couldn't do the sketch just a refund as well. I do receive a response in October:

I'll send it as soon as possible.
With the sketch and refund once I can afford it all.
I've been procrastinating sending it back because I'm a dick :<

Nothing arrives. I send a few more notes, and finally as another Anthrocon approaches, 2 years after the original comission, I get:

I've kind of been avoiding your messages because I've been kind of scared and feell terrible about this but... when I moved out of my friends house (the house I was living during the time i went to AC) he says all of my art supplies were tossed which might mean all of the sketchbooks I had, but I haven't been back there to check myself as I have no money or transportation at the moment.
Is there any way I can reimburse you because I know the art is irreplaceable, and I'm really late with this and everything but I know I can't just leave you with a missing sketchbook and no commission.
I was irresponsible to take the commission but I'm kind of naive when it comes to stuff like that, I'm really sorry.

So now I'm out a sketchbook full of other comissions that are quite irreplaceable and I don't have any idea how to even begin to come up with a value for it. }:/
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