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Commissioner issues - Resolved.

lolshelb/Greerwolf owes commissions to a few people (this includes myself commissioned them for $10, not a lot but still)  and has left her DA account and blocks her commissioners who are still expecting art from her on her FA account rather than just do the commissions or pay back those she took money from.

I doubt there is anything I can do to get my money back or any other action I can take (if there is please inform me) so I'm just wanting to warn others of this user so no one else will make the same mistake and commission her like I did.

Edit -
Now the user, who I guess is on LJ (who knew) is now claiming she won't do the commission due to she dislikes me for personal reasons. Okay, someone pays you for something whether you like them or not either PAY THEM BACK or DO THE COMMISSION. Don't sit and whine to everyone because you got caught stealing money, and then got posted about on artists beware.

Editeditedit - Now artists has posted journal on FA about the commission which is more than $5. I screencapped the journal just in case it was deleted by user on FA.

Journal she wrote -

Editediteditedit -For those of you still wondering, the artists I was informed deleted all her stuff including the journal she wrote about the commission from her FA page. Also I am still on her block list.

Editupdate- After 6 months of the user "hiding" and pretending to be other artists I finally caught up with her to have the issue finally resolved. - http://yenayena.deviantart.com/art/--189315893?q=favby%3Ajamjams%2F4507736&qo=0 Thank you all so much for your comments and wanting to help me out with this!
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