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this is sort of a re-post, allbeit a more complete story of my relationship with the individual "Kitara" from the beggining, the art portion will be mentioned near the bottom.

back in may of '09 i moved into an appartment with two other roomates, one of whom was Kitara. i lent money for the security deposit, rent, and utilities for mysself and the two roomates.
it was understood i was to be paid back, and i am in the process of getting copies of the checks, each of which was about 600 some $ at a time, and cashed by her.
it was witnessed by several friends, including her two new roomates. she has told me again and again she wont pay me back in person.

she was also a horrible roomate, as per the logs below, she calls herself "a drunken fool" i wouldn't personally go that far to call her that, but she did make life ver difficult.
this is a conversation the two of us had on why neil-myself and kurtsa-the other roomate, left.

iKitara (4:15:50 PM): Dude that's fine you guys felt that way
iKitara (4:15:56 PM): Seriously
iKitara (4:16:08 PM): I apologized for being a drunken fool
iKitara (4:16:16 PM): I don't know what more you want from me
iKitara (4:16:25 PM): To admit you make me fel like crap?
iKitara (4:16:32 PM): To admit I acted poorly? (4:17:03 PM): i want you to admit you acted poorly on almost ALL accounts. i want you to break down into tears because that's what you did to me.
iKitara (4:17:09 PM): Just because not everyone I know thinks of me as a great friend is fine, because not everyone will be your bffff and I am ok with that
iKitara (4:17:30 PM): That's called being vindictive neil
iKitara (4:18:18 PM): And I won't because I don't feel I was wrong on all the accounts you speak of. I'm not going to cry, I'm going to break down, I'm just not that type of person (4:27:38 PM): i'm just saying that's what i want. you were horrible to me, you embarassed me, you left people steal shit from my room while i was gone, you blame me for your poor planning, you invite me to a party then yell at me for sticking around too long, you drove me to tears so often. you drove off two people who tried to live with you and be your friends.
iKitara (4:28:36 PM): Really if you and kurtsa both wanted me to leave you should have said so (4:29:30 PM): no, that's the point, we didn't want you to leave. (4:29:51 PM): you made us wish we left.
iKitara (4:30:24 PM): You did leave
iKitara (4:30:31 PM): Wish come true! (4:31:05 PM): um. no.
iKitara (4:31:18 PM): Yes (4:31:36 PM): it was a humiliating failure that made me cry several times.
iKitara (4:31:40 PM): I didn't let anyone steal your things
iKitara (4:31:51 PM): I didn't poorly plan
iKitara (4:32:02 PM): Because when someone says they're leaving the 20th (4:32:05 PM): spend money on booze and come up short on rent?
iKitara (4:32:08 PM): And leave 20 days before that
iKitara (4:32:16 PM): That's not poor planning
iKitara (4:32:22 PM): That is a uncontrollable (4:32:26 PM): i said i was leaving the first

the next conversation happened shortly after i moved out. basically, she got drunk then attacked me and everyone and the walls/door etc. with chocolate cake. it was her birthday party, and people usually go wild at those,
so i don't want to fault her for it but it upset me none-the-less. (4:44:05 PM): i ended up getting shouted at, blamed for poor planning, cake throw at me while you had a petty arguement about the last day of rent or some shit.
iKitara (4:44:26 PM): Dude cake got everywhere (4:44:31 PM): drunk isn't an excuse.
iKitara (4:44:32 PM): Srsly
iKitara (4:44:41 PM): Cake got on everyone
iKitara (4:45:15 PM): Your not the same as fd n paradox, you can't comepare your relationship with me to theirs
iKitara (4:45:20 PM): Or with jen n rj
iKitara (4:47:32 PM): Honestly, all I can do is apologize for drunken actions it is your choice from there to accept it or reject it. I mean really I don't know what else I can do? (4:52:49 PM): i'll only accpet it if you mean it and stop pulling drunken shit, i'm tired of it. (4:54:28 PM): it's always drunk this drunk that, with a disregard to general rules and my feelings. if you honestly want to be friends then show me.
iKitara (4:55:13 PM): :c look neil I really am sorry, if I didn't want you to be around I wouldn't have asked you to stay

i beleieved she really was sorry, but according to word-of-mouth she boasts about how she used me to friends, i will try to find proof of this.

below is a couple snippets of chat between the two of us of her asking for favors.

Saturday, June 20, 2009
Kitara (9:44:06 PM): :c could i ask a terrible favor of you?

Wednesday, November 11, 2009
iKitara (3:03:41 PM): can i ask you the biggest favor? :C

Here's a bit of the log where I mention the loaned money (11:35:18 PM): either way i'm gone so you don't have to put up with me anymore (11:35:42 PM): i put in like 4 months rent so i gave you as much of a headstart on this whole appartment thing as i could (11:36:57 PM): but apparently i'm just a fucking moron v.v wtf (11:41:07 PM): and i waxed your car and drove you to work but i keep getting this vibe that all you do it put up with me
iKitara (11:41:26 PM): what dude
iKitara (11:41:29 PM): i fucking talk to you
iKitara (11:41:31 PM): hang out with you
iKitara (11:41:37 PM): ask you to come with me places
iKitara (11:41:56 PM): i wouldn't do that if I put up with you

Monday, July 13, 2009 (6:03:19 PM): about what?
iKitara (6:03:26 PM): Your going to be here for a couple more weeks and then your gone
iKitara (6:03:34 PM): About the cat or anything (6:04:15 PM): this is one of the reasons i'm leaving
iKitara (6:04:45 PM): That's impossible because you were leaving before this (6:04:58 PM): i don't want to argue with you, i'm just letting you know, while i'm still here i care about every bit of it. and if you get kicked out that might affect you paying me back or whatever
iKitara (6:05:11 PM): And really I don't care that your leaving
iKitara (6:05:23 PM): Art says you can move in augusst 1st

She's not a bad person, but she's guilty as sin when it comes to anything to do with money.
she was months behind on her car payments and i warned her about it when she told me and she responded that they can't take your car W/O your permission.
One day she came home and it was gone.

Tuesday, August 04, 2009
iKitara (12:08:35 AM): and gatepass and car sticker please :o (2:08:15 PM): what happened to your car/
iKitara (2:08:16 PM): fuckkkkk my car is gone with the wind
iKitara (2:21:43 PM): repoooo (2:21:52 PM): they took it?
iKitara (2:21:55 PM): yes (2:22:03 PM): without telling you?
iKitara (2:22:05 PM): yes (2:22:13 PM): ....
iKitara (2:22:21 PM): and i need to go get kitty food and a snake lamp
iKitara (2:22:24 PM): ughh
iKitara (2:22:26 PM): i'm freaking out (2:22:33 PM): kitara (2:22:41 PM): didn't i say this might happen? (2:22:48 PM): and what did you say to me? >.<
iKitara (2:22:53 PM): please neil i do not need this right now (2:22:58 PM): ok i wont
iKitara (2:23:06 PM): thankyou

Then, here's me offering to drive her to work... (11:22:38 PM): when you need to work, if you're willing to pay for gas, i will drive you should you choose to take me up on the offer
iKitara (11:22:55 PM): aww thanks<3 (11:23:16 PM): <3
iKitara (11:23:52 PM): i think i'm going to talk to kurtsa and see if he may sell me his car

here we are, IN JULY talking about the details of the comission she owes me.

Thursday, July 23, 2009 (11:28:12 PM): they must look rabid! (11:42:54 PM): and have him be doing somethign with his hands! (11:42:56 PM): something.....evil (11:42:59 PM): ;3 (11:52:13 PM): c'mon...evil hands D: (11:52:22 PM): 2 feet im!
iKitara (11:52:27 PM): lol



Monday, January 18, 2010 (11:47:32 PM): still doing that other commission for me?
iKitara (11:47:49 PM): the hands one? (11:47:54 PM): yer

here's a link to it. check when i submitted it.
and in the attached pictures i tried to get ahold of her again. she then lies.
also pictured is a cap of the log.
Smoking gun.

attached are screencaps of her admitting she gave me the wrong piece of art. this other piece of art
was presented to me as a gift at the time, and has nothing to do with the commission when i received it.

EDIT: she also blocked me from her FA today and called it "harassment"
EDIT: original piece, not what i wanted, and i did not accept it as the piece i commissioned her for
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