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Update: Silver Frostpaw/strykerfrostpaw/silverrieko

UPDATE: This issue has been resolved! See the update at the bottom of the entry.

Back again, posting an update on my dealings with Silver Frostpaw, who commissioned me back in the spring of 2009 for two con badges. You can view my original post here.

I emailed Silver a while after I posted here and sent him a link to my entry. Needless to say, he was NOT happy that I had brought the issue up in public and accused me of "ruining" him for other artists. He also suggested that I should learn about the situation he is in before I go saying things about him. My issue was, I had no idea what his situation was because he cut all contact with me.

Our full correspondence is behind the cut.

Here is this reply to my email with the link to my first A_B entry. Immediately he went on the defensive, even though I never accused him of trying to scam me in the entry.

Just a short time later (before I had a chance to reply to his first email), he sent this. He had calmed down and said he would like to pay me for the badges. That's great. He also claimed that he has had little or no Internet access, but managed to reply to me twice on the very same day I sent him the link. :\

Here is my reply. I was polite but VERY firm and VERY clear. At this point I have had enough and want this over and done with. I told him that I did not believe I could finish the badges because when I compare the sketches to the work I am doing now, I consider the work sub-par. Yes, I do still have the sketches and am keeping them safe until this is resolved. He replies saying that he will pay for the sketches AND that he wants to commission me again sometime later.

Here I informed him of the total owed and my PayPal address. He agreed to pay me by May 18th. I also declined his request for another commission sometime in the future.

Aaaaand, that was the last I heard from him for quite some time! I was getting used to this. Fearing that this was going to be more of the same, I sent him a polite reminder on the 18th with the total and my PayPal address.

Still no reply on the 19th. I sent another, firmer email. At this point $17.00 worth of groceries would have been welcome in my barren refrigerator, hence my somewhat desperate tone. I was getting very annoyed. I was hungry, stressed, had two sketches that I wanted to mail out. I told him that I would give him a week, and then I would be posting to A_B.

A week went by. Here is the last email I sent him on May 28th, once again giving him the amount owed and my PayPal address.

He replied stating that he could not pay using PayPal even though that was what we had agreed on back in May of 2009. Note: I realize that the price mentioned in that cap is different. That is because the bubble-envelopes I send completed badges in are more expensive. I make it very clear to all of my customers that I am in Canada and only take PayPal for international orders as it costs me money to cash a US check or money order. I was getting more and more frustrated... every email from him was a string of excuses.

He then asked me to wait a little longer because he did not have the money just yet. Okay... this is progress, I suppose. I took that as a good sign and gave him until June 4th. He was happy about this, said it was fine. I had high hopes. Here I explained to him that had he told me that his life had gotten rough I would have gladly put his commission on hold.

Here is where things finally started to click for me. He was sweet and eager to please as long as I got off of his back about it. He was just buying himself more time, hoping I would forget about it or give up. Unfortunately for him, I am a very stubborn lady and I don't take kindly to getting screwed over. Notice that the only time he replies to my emails is when I am threatening to take the issue back to A_B. I HATE doing that... I cannot stress that enough. However it was the only thing that got him talking to me. As long as I agreed to give him more time, he was polite and fine. The moment I began pressing for payment, he clammed up and blamed his lack of Internet. Yet... he replies to my "threats" within hours of me sending them despite claiming to have limited 'net access.

June 4th came and went. I sent him an email late in the day on the 4th. At this point, I was ticked. The thing was, I knew it was coming to this. Yes, I admit that in some of the following emails I am blunt and cold, and even nasty. I'm not proud of it but I think that my annoyance was more than justified at that point.

Sorry about getting the same email in there twice D: . Here he demanded that I take down my previous warning post about him as soon as I get the payment. Alarm bells, much? I told him that I will not be taking it down as that's grounds for a ban. Moreover, I think that YES, even if I get payment this DOES warrant a warning to the community! He also said that he does not want the sketches, but as I have his address I do intend on mailing them out as soon as (if) I receive what I am owed. I owe him that much and I intend that he gets what he paid for, if he does indeed pay. Part of the $17.00 is for shipping, after all.

And that was literally it. No contact was made on or after June 4th. I will no longer be chasing Silver as every time I get the same string of excuses and lies. Yes, I do understand that he went through a tough time this past year. Shit happens. That does not excuse the fact that he ignored my emails until I threatened to post here, broke payment deadlines several times, and played the victim every step of the way. He acted like I was bullying him when all I wanted was payment for the work I did for him. I was more than patient up until the very end.

My opinion is that every artist should be careful when dealing with him, even when receiving payment in full up front. His communication is spotty and vague and he will use every excuse in the book (no money, school, work, crappy Internet). At first I did not believe that Silver was actively trying to scam me and I still feel that he was being honest when he first contacted me for this commission. However, at this point I consider him little more than someone trying to dodge a check.

The thing that grates me the most with this situation is that he did not apologize ONCE for his behavior until the very end, and it was buried in yet another heap of excuses. Everything is everyone elses' fault with this guy. Avoid at all costs.

Many apologies for the wall of text!


Silver sent me a few angry emails last night after I sent him a link to this post. I don't think I need to clarify these any.

Here is the PayPal receipt as proof of payment. I have edited out his name for privacy's sake. As you can see even now, he is asking me to take down the entry.

Needless to say, I'm happy that I finally got what I was owed but the whole situation left a nasty taste in my mouth. I would not recommend working with this individual.
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