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Edmonton AB, Local beware

Now this post is going to be dead local, so if you don't live in or around Edmonton Alberta then feel free to skip it.

On May first I was a volunteer artist at free comic book day's evens at Happy Harbor 3. Between doing sketches for food bank donations I was approached by one of the management for Edmonton's female roller derby team, E-ville. Seeing as I tend to make a habit of comic book art and they have an super villain theme they asked if I'd do images for their next set of event posters. I was pleased to give over my contact information and in a few days received an e-mail about pricing and the time to meet and bounce ideas around.

I consider myself semi-pro right now, I'm just wiggling about in small projects and working on the old portfolio to get into comics and was willing to do something for them that I could also put in the portfolio. My pricing was $75 - $100 for something like this in

Now $75 for something I'm spending a good 7 hours baseline on AND copyrights in contract to use the image again is dead low. But within 2 weeks I'd gotten no reply at all. I can fully understand anyone deciding on another artiest ext. but I GOT NO WORD at all and spent time holding the spot for them when I could have been doing other projects. The complete unprofessionalism in their not getting back to me at all has me some what peeved.

So artist beware if you are in Edmonton and are approached by E-ville. They don't give notice if they change their plans.
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