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Request I Never Got

First time posting so do forgive errors and I hope it's okay posting about a request. I won't say names since it is just a request. 

I won a very small character making contest in February (it was between friends and I was promised that the winner would get a picture). We were given an hour to make a quick profile of a character with the same idea behind it. I won and told the artist what I wanted. Which was just a picture of my best friend and mine's characters. I would very seldom ask about it. The artist said she had the sketch and it just needed color. A month or two later, I brought it up and she said it still just needed color. I asked if I could just have the sketch. I didn't want it for me, I just wanted it for my best friend.

Well she said no I can't have it because she never shows ANYONE her colorless sketches because they are so ugly. Well since we're friends and in general I'm pretty passive, I left it at that. I think I asked one more time with the same "It just needs color but it's too ugly as a sketch". Again I just want it for my friend.

I've since quit the group with said artist, and in a way I feel like I no longer have a right to ask for the picture. But I still want it for my friend. I'm mostly just asking for advice on what to do...

Won a tiny contest, was promised picture, picture was sketched but needed color and I couldn't have until it had color, it is now three months later.

Sorry if this needs to be behind an LJ cut. I figured it was pretty small.
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