Charmander (pokecharm) wrote in artists_beware,

help chile? not so much

I donated to help_chile to two artists. Within a week or so, I got one set of graphics I'd purchased, it's been 12 weeks, many PM's to the other artist and e-mails to the community later, and absolutely no help/purchased graphics in site.

The commission was from nottiem and the com the user posts at is shalott_shield

it was for charity, so it is what it is, but very frustrating still...any ideas? anyone having the same issue with a helping com like this? I've also posted on the com's FAQ (ie ask questions here post) and have heard crickets chirping...I think or my hard drive is crapping out...I realise posting here probably means I'll never get the graphics, but after three months, I think we can all safely assume what the outcome is going to be.
Tags: artist-x_cursive
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