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Problem resolved.

  I don't know how to get the original journal I wrote back, but I will recreate it from what I can.  I didn't realize it was against  rules to edit it the way I did.

  I commissioned the artist for a 3 part piece about 3 years ago.   During the first week or so after commissioning I was given 2 sketches (A correction from my last entry).  It wasn't until about 2 years later that I received one of the sketches partially finished with flat color added to it. 

  Within that 3 years, those were the only things I had received.  I would ask the artists about the project every few months.  But I feel I wasn't properly informed or kept up on the progress, if any.  I was told that the project was near finished and they were on a CD.  But the CD in question could not be located.   I asked several times about this and was told later that they could not found.
  Keep in mind this is how things were presented to me.  I have discussed the situation with the artist and aspects of the following have been disputed.  But I was told, and have the IMS, that to make up the missing stuff I would have a choice to get 1 piece of something different to make it up.  I turned this offer down because I, at this point, had still not recieved any finished pieces of the 3 piece project.  I told the artist to forget it because I was upset and did not want to wait for something, which at this point, I never thought would be realized.

  The artist recently contacted me and tried to resolve the situation.  I recieved 2 pieces of the commish colored.  These pieces the artist tells me  have been done all this time.  But keep in mind I never received these pieces over the 3 years until now.  Even when I asked about the commish. 
  I did not get a refund (and I did not ask for one).  I simply recieved the 2 pieces and called it even at that.  He did offer to make up the last piece, but I simply wanted things done with.  I do not want to pursue the situation further.  

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