Jenna (kytheraen) wrote in artists_beware,

Resolved: Caishide


I commissioned Caishide for one of her tamagotchi badges, which as you can see was completed in January in good time and I was very happy with it. I included postage in the payment and my shipping address was included in the Paypal receipt. Last I heard from her was when she uploaded the picture to FA.

I remembered about it in March, so slipped her a note on March 15th asking if she'd mailed it off. That message is still sat unread in her inbox. Her last submission was Feb 5th. Does anyone know her, or have heard from her recently? Obviously I would like my badge mailed out, but it's getting concerning that she's not read or even ignored my note.


Edit: Found her! :D

Editedit: Resolved! Just waiting for it in the mail ^-^

Editeditedit: Arrived! :D
Tags: artist-caishide, lost contact, resolved

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